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March 26, 2015
 "Telephone service answers inquiry of various systems and procedures of citizen's all of you, slight question of living including facilities guidance kindly anytime city hall" Shizuoka-shi call center.
 In addition, we are reliable when we do not know where in city hall we may ask.
 ※Please note that there are contents which cannot answer inquiries about personal information in call center.

From telephone 054-200-4894 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
FAX 054-200-4895 24 hours reception open throughout the year

Shizuoka-shi call center

Please give me the use at such time!

・We do not know post in charge.
・We return and it is after and wants to hear from holiday and work.
・We want to contact for service contents and procedure for city, guidance and event information of facility. nado

We can ask such a question!
・What should procedure do this time though we move?
・Tell place to be able to take resident's card and certification of a seal impression.
・What should I do to propose legal aid service about everyday life?
・What would you do to use care service?
・What should I do to have you get rid of vespiary?
・Closed day of library will be when.  nado

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The Mayor of General Affairs Bureau palace public relations section public hearing division

The location: Shizuoka government building the eighth floor of the new building

Telephone: 054-221-1354

Fax: 054-221-1487

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