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The last update date:
May 15, 2020
[the mayor message in coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting new on May 15]
Based on cancellation of declaration of a state of emergency of country, we moved for new phase, but, in Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-shi did decision to confront coronavirus at all Shizuoka-shi government offices as the basic local government which was the nearest to citizen.
As there was in report from health welfare Director Choju like point, day when new infected person does not occur in Shizuoka-shi from May 1 continues and thinks that cooperation to the infection prevention of entirely citizen's contributes to this. We want to offer my gratitude for cooperation of really citizen's everybody. Thank you.
In order to be compatible with "prevention of infection spread" with two that is hard to do of coexistence called "maintenance of social economic activities" from now on; maximum; think whether run out in making an effort.
When role of the local government which got new coronavirus infectious disease measures was to protect two "Life" of citizen's, I told in the regular news conference of the other day.
In the first Life, "life, Life of life", another Life are "life, Life of living". Fight with our virus began in January of this year, but we put weight for prevention of infection spread that, if anything, we did not infect until day of this declaration cancellation and did not transmit and worked with every effort.

However, it was closed to small and medium size proprietor and couldn't but call in course of the approach including restaurant in Shizuoka-shi and has been going to stop local business activity and economic activities. This is nationwide tendency, but Shizuoka-shi must protect living while there is economical choice that will be hit that is beyond Lehman shock according to the man of intelligence.
You must continue working hard to minimize increase of unemployed person whom stagnation of assumed economic activities invites and outbreak of the life poor if possible in future.
Not only we keep "life" of everybody from threat of new coronavirus from the point of view, but also we must protect "living" of from bigger threat called the decline of regional economy.
We want to go by slogan to "regain shu rou, living for life" coming phase.
We reopened public facilities sequentially today and announced to cancel temporary suspension of business measures of school progressively from this month 25. This is one step to regain "living", too.
Fight with new coronavirus will continue from now on. We may reach emergency again if careless.
As both I and the Shizuoka-shi staff will confront with this virus to follow two citizen's Life, to citizen's, we want to still have you reopen economic activities, social activity to be able to regain daily life without neglecting the cause of new lifestyle, the infection prevention.
And we help each other and, not the cause, prejudice and discrimination of catch phrase called "yell Shizuoka", assist and support.
We want to challenge coexistence with Shizuoka citizen and coronavirus by password called "yell Shizuoka" from now on.
I would like cooperation of citizen's all of you.



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