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The last update date:
June 15, 2020

"Shizuoka-shi people protection meeting" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
Fuminobu Akahori
The Shizuoka-shi Board of Education superintendent of education
(yellowtail pike of cow)
Chihoko Ushinohama
Nonprofit foundation Shizuoka nursing society district director
Tsuyoshi Umino
Masao Umino
Manager of Shizuoka-shi Fire Bureau fire station
(we put shelf)
Naoki Ota
Hiroshi Ogata
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kanto agricultural administration station Shizuoka base district counselor
(Katayama gives up)
Yoshio Katayama
West NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE Corporation Branch Manager Shizuoka
(we are going to win and win)
Kato long service
Association of Shizuoka truck Shizuoka Branch anti-disaster measures chairperson
(we chew river Tetsuhiro)
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Shizuoka river desk work director
Hidetoshi Kawahara
Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Medical Association
Hirotaka Kitagawa
SHIZUOKA GAS Co., Ltd. Branch Manager Shizuoka
(come irregularity Shunsuke)
Shunsuke Kimura
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu District maintenance station Shimizu harbor desk work director
Akira Kuramoto
Manager of Coast Guard third Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Shimizu Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
(father Ryuichi)
Ryuichi Goto
Manager of Central Nippon Expressway Tokyo branch office Shizuoka maintenance, Service Center
Shigeyuki Konagaya
Shizuoka-shi deputy mayor
(it is heated and can do whether you seem to do)
Kishie Shigekawa
Evergreen leaves university environment disaster prevention graduate course professor
Takashi Shinoda purely
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu District maintenance station Shizuoka national highway desk work director
Hiroaki Shimamura
Shizuoka-shi local welfare officer children's committee meeting vice-chairperson
Masaaki Shiratsuchi
The Shizuoka region meteorological observatory stand head
Junichiro Sone
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Shizuoka sales's director
(cook Yoshihiro)
Yoshihiro Taki
Shizuoka-shi Residents' Association federation's chairperson 
(it is shelf or wins still)
Katsunao Tanaka
Shizuoka Railway's manager of General Affairs Department
Nobuhiro Tanabe
Mayor Shizuoka
Kazuhiko Tamiya
Chairperson at Shizuoka-shi Residents' Association federation community safety task force
(Hashimoto Tomoyuki)
Tomoyuki Hashimoto
Secretary General of Japanese Red Cross Society Shizuoka Branch
(there is not grow)
Minoru Hanai
The Shizuoka Police headquarters Shizuoka-shi police commissioner
(we take a lesson of Fukazawa)
Keiko Fukazawa
Shizuoka-shi volunteer group contact meeting vice-chairperson
Mitsuo Fukada
The Ground Self-Defense Force 34th fundamental education course regiment commander and Itazuma garrison town commander
(falling cage Fumi)
Fumio Furugori
Shizuoka-shi fire station's leader
(we did Furuhashi)
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism central part Department of Transportation Shizuoka transportation branch manager
Takeshi Honda
Shizuoka-shi deputy mayor
(we go without winding up, and cooking)
Kazuyuki Makita
Shizuoka Hoso news editor
Atsushi Mochizuki
Shimizu, Shizuoka-shi Medical Association's vice-chairperson
(we let you break and it is machete or is good)
Takayoshi Warashina
shizutetsu just line's manager of General Affairs Department

※"Committee member" 34 people (man 31, woman 3). Appointment rate of woman is 8.8%. Open call for participants is 0 (man 0, woman 0).

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