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The last update date:
September 10, 2019

"Shizuoka-shi member of a social education committee meeting" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
Toshihiko Umino
Shizuoka-shi lyceum vice-chairperson
(pea Fumiaki)
Fumiaki Endo
Principal of Shizuoka City Tamotsu Shimizu degree first elementary school
Jun Oishi poetry
Principal of Shizuoka City Tamagawa Junior High School
(chopsticks just go)
Masayuki Ohashi
Association of Shizuoka-shi physical education's executive managing director
Yosuke Oda
suroraifu chief editor
(garbage Kyoko)
Kyoko Gomi
Manager of Bancho, Shizuoka-shi social movement center center
Shibue stack
Associate Professor at Shizuoka University Department of Education
(we protect sea bass)
Mamoru Suzuki
Associate Professor at evergreen leaves university education department
(we cook and wear)
Kazuko Taki
Director Representative NPO corporation Buddy project
Takayo Tsukamoto
Shizuoka-shi PTA contact meeting director
(horn gets, and Hiro comes)
Koki Tsunogae
Department of University of Shizuoka food nourishment science's professor
(waiting Mitsue whom we worked as)
Mitsue Matsushita
Representative from NPO corporation gender equality forum Shizuoka director

※"Committee member" 12 people (man 7, woman 5). Appointment rate of woman is 41.7%. Open call for participants is 0 (man 0, woman 0).

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