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The last update date:
June 4, 2020

"House management meeting of Shizuoka-shi nature" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
Yoshiko Iwata
The Girl Scouts Shizuoka-shi meeting chairperson
Chisato Endo
Associate Professor at TOKOHA UNIV. Junior College childcare course
Yasuhiro Kisegawa
Shizuoka-shi child society federation Aoi, Suruga-ku chairperson
Hiroshi Kubota sound
Open call for participants committee member
(asking Kiyoe)
Open call for participants committee member
(even if Shibayama is good at)
Takeshi Shibayama friend
Shimizu both Kawachi district youth development promotion chairperson
(cook ordinary autumn and others)
Waterfall wave positive
Director Representative house cooperation society of Ichiigawa, Shizuoka nature
(we look after Nakayama in spring)
Harumi Nakayama
Shimizu both Kawachi district alliance self-government chairperson
(father Nobuteru)
Nobuteru Nito
Shizuoka municipal institution Igawa President Konaka
(Hatake Yamako comes)
Koki Hatakeyama
The Japanese Boy Scout Shizuoka league Boy Scout Shimizu district chairperson
(Hatake mountain Hideaki)
Hideaki Hatakeyama
Shizuoka-shi PTA contact meeting director
Yosuke Machida
Principal of Shizuoka City Wadashima, Shimizu elementary school
(forest masters grow thick)
Shigeru Morinushi
Shizuoka-shi child society federation Shimizu-ku instruction, safety measures manager
(we can assume Moriyama)
Satoe Moriyama
The Southern Alps, Igawa ecotourism promotion meeting committee member
(cook the side and go)
Keiko Yokota
Open call for participants committee member

※"Committee member" 15 people (man 9, woman 6). Appointment rate of woman is 40%. Open call for participants is three (man 0, woman 3).

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