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April 1, 2019

"Shizuoka City Toro museum meeting" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
(we let you be and steal Masatoshi)
Masatoshi Ishigame
Open call for participants committee member
(Ishikawa Hiroyuki)
Hiroyuki Ishikawa
Shizuoka University area creation Education Center associate professor
Mie Umino
HITS fashiriteshon, representative
Shibue stack
Associate Professor at Shizuoka University Department of Education
(mountain Masayuki who is too much)
Masayuki Sugiyama
The Shizuoka City Shimizu fifth junior high school principal
(the Yamami side that is too much)
Miyoko Sugiyama
Open call for participants committee member
Misako Fujita
Shizuoka City elementary and junior high school PTA contact meeting
(we lie down and see Kazuhisa)
Kazuhisa Fushimi
Principal of Shizuoka City southern part elementary school
(we burn Yamaoka)
Takuya Yamaoka
Department of Shizuoka University arts and social science (archeology) associate professor
Sachie Yuge
Representative from NPO corporation machinabiya

※"Committee member" ten people (man 5, woman 5). Appointment rate of woman is 50%. Open call for participants is two (man 1, woman 1).

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