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The last update date:
September 10, 2019

"Shizuoka-shi medical care security promotion meeting" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
Kenji Ishikawa
Director of Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka dental association
(we spread in river and read)
Kasai comes and reads
Director of Shizuoka-shi pharmacist society
Keiko Kusano
Open call for participants committee member
Swan Expo
Director of Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Medical Association
Koji Fujii
Association of nonprofit foundation Shizuoka Hospital
Yoko Masuda
Shizuoka bar association's lawyer
Kyoko Murai
Nonprofit foundation Shizuoka nursing society
(mountain cause Masayuki)
Masayuki Yamamoto
Open call for participants committee member

※"Committee member" eight people (man 4, woman 4). Appointment rate of woman is 50%. Open call for participants is two (man 1, woman 1).

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