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The last update date:
May 27, 2020

"Health promotion promotion meeting of Shizuoka-shi tooth and oral cavity" committee member list

※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
Full name Belonging, post
(Yuichi that how about bean jam)
Yuichi Ando
The National Institute of Public Health
Hideki Katano
Principal of Shizuoka-shi principal society
(Katayama Takayuki)
Takayuki Katayama
Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka dental association's chairperson
(Akira Shibata)
Akira Shibata
Shimizu pharmacist society
Takako Sugiyama
Shimizu care insurance company Network
Open call for participants committee member
(we can go to worth)
Yukie Nakai
Department of University of Shizuoka junior college's professor
(the root prospers)
Ei Nemoto
Open call for participants committee member
Hiroyuki Suita
Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Medical Association's vice-chairperson
(Yoshihiro of firewood)
Zen Makino bath
Association of Shizuoka-shi person with a disability's chairperson
Shunichi Masuda
Shizuoka-shi private institution childcare director society's chairperson
Hideaki Matsunaga
Director Managing Director Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ayano Mochizuki
Director of Shizuoka dental hygienist society
(still Mizuki)
Mizuki Yamada
Open call for participants committee member
(we make mountain connection)
Shanxi connection
The association of national health insurance Shizuoka Branch plan manager of General Affairs Department

※"Committee member" 15 people (man 10, woman 5). Appointment rate of woman is 33.3%. Open call for participants is three (man 2, woman 1).

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