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April 1, 2019
Shizuoka-shi peace city declaration (December 15, 2005 establishment)


 Our town, Shizuoka that brought up original culture and tradition in rich history that was endowed naturally, and was long to spread from the Southern Alps through Suruga Bay. In this wonderful town, it is request of we Shizuoka citizen to succeed rich living by peace in the next generation.
 Realization of world peace is the human common wish, but, in this face of the Earth, holy human life is still lost by war or terrorism, and there is concern about diffusion of nuclear weapon from the start, too.
 We announce that we contribute to the cause of idea of peace, extinction of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapon and realization of world peace in permanency when the Constitution of Japan raises us some other time today when we invited year of turning point of postwar period, being bombed 60 years and declare that Shizuoka-shi is peace city.
December 15, 2005


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