Announcement of staff of Shizuoka-shi fiscal year appointment << general desk work >> offer for 2020 people with a disability Print this page

The last update date:
May 18, 2020
It recruits the fiscal year appointment staff << general desk work >> for people with a disability.

Examination summary

1 job specification
  Data entry with PC, documents making (PC operation) desk work, window reception

Is going to adopt 2; the staff
  Around 40 people

3 selection methods
  Primary examination: Paper screening
  The second examination: Interview examination ※We adjust at the time of notice to primary examination passer in schedule and are decided

4 eligibility requirements for an examination
 (1) Person who receives grant of any of the following notebook at the time of application
   Certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook
 (2) Person who corresponds to none of each Local Public Service Law Article 16 issue
  ※Person of residence status that working is restricted by person who does not have Japanese nationality is not employed.

5 application methods
  Please apply to the following address by mail.

6 application reception desk periods
  From Monday, June 1, 2020 to Friday, October 30 << must arrive >>
  ※Cancellation is not effective.

Addresses such as 7 applications
  〒420-8602 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi (Shizuoka government building the ninth floor of the new building)
  Person in charge of Shizuoka-shi General Affairs Bureau personnel department personnel affairs first

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Person in charge of General Affairs Bureau personnel department personnel affairs first

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