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The last update date:
August 25, 2020
We make use of civic voice (opinion, suggestion) in reception desk, municipal administration.
We establish the suggestion post and accept even E-mail.
Telephone, letter, FAX are fine, too.
Opinion that had you approach responds from department in charge by contents.

※ Tell engine having jurisdiction over the duties directly about opinion, suggestion except duties of city including thing about country, the prefecture and private enterprise.
※ Thing equal to slander (slander) slander and profit-making activity, thing that purpose is uncertain cannot cope.
※ Opinion, suggestion that had you approach edited so that individual cannot identify and may introduce the point on city homepage.
※  It has many opinions about "new coronavirus infectious disease" approach, but it is the difficult situation now that replies individually while it makes efforts in correspondence pertaining to prevention of infection spread.
It is sincere and takes opinion that we had and shares information in departments concerned.
In addition, we hope that we have understanding as we tell responses of the future city about the latest information once it's been decided on city homepage and may change to answer with this.

Suggestion post setting place

In front of the first floor of the Shizuoka government building Main Building guard room

The Aoi-ku the first floor of the government office escalator side
Aoi-ku the first floor of the government office lounge (the Aoba-dori St. side)
Aoi-ku government office Igawa branch

The Suruga-ku the first floor of the government office tenth window side
Suruga-ku government office Osada branch

The Shimizu-ku the first floor of the government office general information side
Shimizu-ku government office Kambara branch


We can send opinion to municipal administration, suggestion by E-mail.

※ When you know department in charge, with reference to "the contact information of each section", please ask each section directly.

Voice that was sent

※Update day Thursday, August 6, 2020

※Answer from city to sent voice becomes opinion of city at having replied.  

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