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The last update date:
March 26, 2015

State of supplies offer

 We had you provide disaster support supplies from all of you to support victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake in venue at twin Messe from Wednesday, March 23, 2011 to Sunday, April 2.
By cooperation of many all of you, we were able to send a large number of supplies for stricken area.
In addition, we sent support message which I received from all of you with supplies to stricken area.
Thank you, all of you who had you cooperate.

   * Support message from Shizuoka-shi put on refuge of Sendai-shi is this

Conveyance of disaster support supplies

Truck which loads supplies

 We hung disaster support supplies which had you provide from all of you on Sunday, April 3 from Sunday, March 27 and sent to Sendai-shi, Iwaki-shi, Ishinomaki-shi, Fukushima-shi.
 In addition, for reception desk, assortment of supplies and loading, we had you participate in volunteer many volunteer groups and university student, high school student, junior high student and public other than Shizuoka-shi Council of Social Welfare. Thank you for your cooperation.

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