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The last update date:
March 26, 2015
 Comprehensive plan of Shizuoka-shi is comprised of basic plan, basic plan, 3-layer of execution plan.

 Basic plan almost clarified "figure of town to aim" at in 2015 and showed basic policy that administration collaborated with citizen and worked on the realization, and was voted on October 12, 2004.

 Basic plan consists of the general remarks, plan according to the field, distinction plan and clarifies root and trunk to realize "figure of town to aim" at in basic plan-like business. We are promoting the second plans from 2010 to 2014 now in five years during plan period.

 Execution plan clarifies concrete conduct content of business of root and trunk shown in basic plan, and revises every year. Plan period is three years. Of "wait polish strategy promotion plan" that devised the third execution plan (H24-26) in 2011, and devised in that in October, 2011 included all business.

- mayor says hello for the second synthesis pipelaying

 We start in 2010, and the second comprehensive plan featuring the theme of "creation of "Shizuoka" sparkling in the world" is pushed forward by various approaches toward goal in 2014.

 On the result such as breeding of a sense of unity of Shizuoka-shi that make bases as designated city of the first comprehensive plan by this plan, and is new more utilized superior resources of Motoichi "wait, and polish", and o advance, and aim at it being in city indicating presence in the world.

 I took office as Mayor Shizuoka in April, 2011 and succeeded baton which great responsibility to take this pipelaying upon itself was.

 Anxiety for the future is spreading through our country from influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake or severe economic conditions now. It shares city vision which comprehensive plan shows to change anxiety in heart to relief at such time, and to continue having hope saying that it is heated to be heated, and it is important that all people concerned with town step forward to each one step.

 I lead toward goal called achievement of plan and, with citizen's everybody, want to advance powerfully step by step.

   March, 2012       Mayor Shizuoka   Nobuhiro Tanabe

About general plan

  From the following, we download with PDF file separately, and you can see.

☆Basic plan
○From middle cover table of contents (P1-7)
○Fine-view Part 1 (P8-31) of town development
 A town to aim at, tide of the times, development possibility, generalization of the first comprehensive plan
○Fine-view Part 2 (P32-45) of town development
 Project of strategy of three "creation of "Shizuoka" sparkling in the world" and nine
○Fine-view Part 3 (P46-59) of town development
 Main frames of plan, use of land plan, the pipelaying system
○Proposal (P60-65) of 28 citizen's committees
 Proposal from open call for participants committee member whom we planned as member of original bill review meeting and formulated
○Development, the general remarks (P66-77) of town development
 Management system of consciousness and town where it is necessary to raise with citizen
○Plan according to development, the field of town development
Ⅰ. Health, the welfare (P78-89)
  Town to be able to live in lively in good health together
Ⅱ. Culture, learning (P90-99)
  Town which brings up spiritually rich person, and creates Shizuoka culture
Ⅲ. Living environment (P100-109)
  Security, relief, town full of nature to be able to live in comfortably
Ⅳ. Industry, economy (P110-121)
  The town of creation type industry that area raises and challenges the world to
Ⅴ. Urban infrastructure (P122-131)
  Town where it is comfortable and is of high quality which supports active city activity
○Development, distinction between town development plan (P132-139)
  The general condition and vision for the future of Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku, Shimizu-ku
○Affiliated material
Ⅰ Financial simulation (P140-143)
  Financial simulation
Ⅱ Business plan (P144-169)
  Main business for 5 years, next plan, placement plan of local facility
Ⅲ Materials (P170-191)
  Shizuoka-shi basics plan, the achievement situation, basic policy of the first comprehensive plan, the development system,
  The situation of citizen opinion, the local designated situation by countries, the development situation of the individual field plan
○Colophon (P192)

○Main business plans (from 2010 to 2014)
1 policy system
2 strategy projects (we include result index)
3 finance simulation
4 main business plans (five years)
5 next plan
Placement plan of 6 area facilities

☆Conduct plan
○The first conduct plan (for 2010) (PDF: 22.9MB)
○The second conduct plan (from 2011 to 2013) (PDF: 19.8MB)
○The third conduct plan (from 2012 to 2014) (PDF: 3.61MB)
○[revision] The third conduct plan (from 2012 to 2014) (PDF: 11.3MB)
○[re-revision] The third conduct plan (from 2012 to 2014) (PDF: 11.2MB)

※We can read
 We can read general plan with Planning Division (Shizuoka the twelfth floor of the government building), each ward office general affairs, Disaster Prevention Section Municipal Information Counter (Shizuoka the second floor of the government building, Shimizu the fourth floor of the government building, Suruga-ku the third floor of the government office) and each municipal library, Lifelong Learning Center, lifelong learning interchange building.

※We sell
 One copy of the second Shizuoka-shi synthesis plan reprint version sells only 1,300 yen (the third conduct plan and set), the third conduct plan in general affairs, Disaster Prevention Section of each ward office for copy 100 yen.

Development progress

 We had opinion from citizen's most through not only social gathering committee members that each various fields layer was represented, open call for participants citizens of original bill review meeting but also citizen 10,000 questionnaire, town meeting, public comment, and, in development, development was able to reflect.

◇Town meeting and public comment

 We carried out discussion meeting (town meeting) pertaining to the second Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan basic plan (plan) and civic opinion submission procedure (public comment) in 2009.
 In addition, in 2010, we carried out town meeting in development of main business plans.
 About result, please see the following PDF files. We appreciate your sending many opinions.

■2010 town meeting

[effective time]
 From July 20, 2010 to November 6 (all 21 times)
 Kojika welfare center for the old others
[attendance (total number of persons)]
 1,715 people
[number of number of opinions (total of)]
 557 cases

Please see this page about result.

■2009 town meeting

[effective time]
 2009 July 5, 10, 11 and 16 and October 2
 Northern Lifelong Learning Center others 6 venue
[attendance (total number of persons)]
 309 people
[number of number of opinions (total of)]
 205 cases

As a result of town meeting
About correspondence to town meeting opinion
Town meeting material

■Public comment

[implementation period]
 From November 10, 2009 to December 10
[the application number of people]
 45 people
[number of number of opinions (total of)]
 81 cases

As a result of public comment
About correspondence to public comment opinion
Public comment material

◇The second Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan social gathering

 We held "the second Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan social gathering" on devising. About minutes and material, please confirm with PDF file as follows.

■The sixth social gathering Tuesday, February 9, 2010


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3) About response to opinions of the social gathering committee member
 (4) Summary of public comment conduct result
 (5) About response to public comment

■The fifth social gathering Tuesday, October 27, 2009


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3)-1 Plan cover
 (3)-2 Contents
 (3)-3 The prospects of town development
 (3)-4 Development (general remarks, detailed exposition, distinction plan) of town development
 (3)-5 Affiliated material

■The fourth social gathering Friday, October 16, 2009


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3)-1 Plan cover
 (3)-2 Contents
 (3)-3 The prospects of town development
 (3)-4 Development (general remarks, detailed exposition, distinction plan) of town development
 (3)-5 Affiliated material

■The third social gathering Thursday, August 27, 2009


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3) Town meeting conduct result
 (4) Theme and strategic project

■The second social gathering Wednesday, June 24, 2009


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3) Figure of image
 (4) Strategic project
 (5) Schedule

■The first social gathering Thursday, May 28, 2009


 (1) Order
 (2) Social gathering list
 (3) Social gathering setting summary
 (4) Schedule
 (5) Original bill review meeting list
 (6) Expert adviser list
 (7) Development policy
 (8) The current situation and problem of Shizuoka-shi
 (9) The future population by estimate
 (10)-1 Policy system (plan) cover
 (10)-2  The general remarks
 (10)-3  Health, the welfare
 (10)-4  Culture, learning
 (10)-5  Living environment
 (10)-6  Industry, economy
 (10)-7  Urban infrastructure

◇Public awareness investigation for 10,000

 From July 24, 2008 to August 22, we randomly selected 10,000 people from citizens 18 years or older and, for "the second Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan" which assumed five years period from 2010 development, asked for questionnaire. We utilized valuable opinion including consciousness and request of everybody for municipal administration and data which we gathered as reference of plan development.

 We are very grateful to many citizen's all of you who had you cooperate with this investigation while you're busy.

 About contents, please confirm with the following PDF files.

● Cover, table of contents
● Summary of investigation
● Characteristic of investigation eligible people
● As a result of investigation
   1 About the present situation of Shizuoka-shi
   2 About satisfaction, importance of measure of city
   3 About the way of administrative services of Shizuoka-shi in the future
   4 About relief, safe living
   5 About upbringing of children
   6 About the making of community and participation in municipal administration
   7 About environmental problem
   8 About computerization of Motoichi
   9 About gap-widening society measures
   10 About charm and brand of Shizuoka-shi
   11 About town development that cheerful economy is born as
   12 About road, traffic environment of Shizuoka-shi
   13 About promotion of intermediate and mountainous area
● Questionnaire

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