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The last update date:
April 1, 2019
 When we build buildings in house indication conduct area, setting application of house indication is necessary. As address is not decided if there is not application, please be careful.

 In addition, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation as setting of house indication is necessary in the case of rebuilding.

 In addition, sorry for your inconvenience, but please inquire when you just enlarge a building now in built building.

 About house indication conduct area, please see list of Shizuoka municipalities character names.

 But a part of the area, please refer to area General Administration Division of ward office of building place for any unclear points even if it is house indication conduct area as it may not be in house indication conduct area.

House number setting procedure method

(1) Where should we do setting application of house indication?

 Please go through the procedure in ward office area General Administration Division of ward to build buildings. As you cannot go through the procedure at ward office except building place, please be careful.

Aoi-ku government office (the first-floor third window) area General Administration Division5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku054-221-1595
Suruga-ku government office (the third floor) area General Administration Division10-40, Minamiyahatacho, Suruga-ku054-287-8697
Shimizu-ku government office (the fourth floor) area General Administration Division6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku054-354-2170

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(2) What does application of house indication setting need?

 Thing necessary for application of house indication is the following documents. (seal unnecessary. It does not cost fee.)

House number setting notification formWe can download house number setting notification form from this beforehand.
Copy of identification of building certification finishedPart (the first page) which master of building and construction of buildings places are listed in
Copying of public sectional mapFigure which expressed position and shape of land which we issued in Legal Affairs Bureau. Copy of thing which we attached by building certification application is possible
Plan of buildingRight drawing of reduced scale, dimensions to understand where in site buildings are located
Ground plan on the first floor of the buildingDrawing which size such as buildings, position of the entrance understand
Other required documentsCopying of documents which the fact can confirm when there is change in the location lot number of building which does division of lot, and is listed in identification of building certification finished and new public sectional map

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(3) Who may perform setting application of house indication?

 Other than the master of building, constructor, administrative scrivener, real estate agency do not take care even of substitute person. (proxy unnecessary.)

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(4) When should we perform setting application of house indication?

 After the construction start of construction such as buildings, please go before building is completed. (as you may not reach building even if building certification permission is granted, please file after having started construction.)

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(5) How long does it take time before we set house indication?

 You are selected from report in around one week, but please usually confirm at the time of house indication setting application by the situation at window as time to setting is different.

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