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July 2, 2020

Person who can do it of seal registration

 If seal registration is person had mention (resident registration) of at 15 years or older by Basic Resident Register of Shizuoka-shi, we can register one seal for one.
 But person without ability to realize intention cannot file for seal registration. In addition, we share one seal with other people and cannot register.

Seal which is not done of registration

  We cannot register the following seals. Please be careful.
 Full name, he, the name, popular name (only as for the foreigner) listed in Basic Resident Register (resident's card) or full name, a part of the popular name
 We do not express by letter which we put together
 We express occupation, matter except qualification or other full names
 Of rubber stamp or other seals is easy to change
 Square of 25 millimeters in length of thing that size of imprint is delivered to square of one side of 8 millimeters in length or one side
 Other than thing which is not delivered to this, it is thing not exceeding having a height of 10 millimeters meter of seal
 It is hard to express imprint clearly
 It is admitted that there is imitation by machine carving
 In addition, the mayor admits that it is inappropriate
  ・Thing which rim of registration seal of was chipped off 1/3 or more, seal without edge
  ・Ring mark
  ・Seals of inverse carving  
 For more information, look here. (PDF 256KB)

 In addition, please refer to each ward office Family Register and Resident Section for any unclear points.

Procedure for registration

 Normal registration procedure takes the days before you become able to acquire seal registration certificate. (from first next agency time about from four days to one week)
 In addition, we can complete seal registration if constant condition is met on that day.
 Guidance of the same day registration
[procedure of seal registration]
We attach seal to register to seal registration application (there is paper in window) if we register seal, and the person, please apply.
  ※Seal registration application uses exclusive paper to hold after the seal registration for a long term. Therefore we cannot download application.
 Even representative can apply, but needs "document (proxy) proving that we entrust" which in this case the person made by handwriting.
 We mail written inquiry (answer and proxy) to resident registration place of the person on open, the following day agency day on application day to confirm that application is intention of the person if we receive application of registration. (we cannot transfer to the other address.)

 2.Written inquiry (answer and proxy) is brought to window which we applied for
Documents which we can confirm of registration seal and registrant are necessary. (valid driver's license, my number card, health insurance card, residence card, special permanent resident certificate)
 When agent grinds the next agency, signet of registration seal, documents (the original) which there is identity verification of written inquiry (answer and proxy), registrant and agent where the registering person signed all and agent is necessary.

 3.Registration completion
After procedure, I hand seal registration document to the person who brought written inquiry (answer and proxy) or agent.
  In addition, seal registration document grant fee is 300 yen. (when seal registration certificate is necessary, 300 yen is needed because of one of them separately.)
[thing which is necessary at the time of application]
 Seal to register
 Documents (driver's license in expiration date, my number card, health insurance card, residence card, special permanent resident certificate) that identity verification of person who can come to window is possible
 When agent applies, "document (proxy) proving that we entrust" that the person made all matters in proxy by handwriting is required.
  We can download proxy from this.
[thing which is necessary at the time of grant]
 Seal registration document grant fee 300 yen
 Written inquiry (answer and proxy) which city mailed after the application
 Registration seal
 Documents (driver's license, health insurance card, residence card in expiration date, special permanent resident certificate) that identity verification of person who can come to window is possible
 When agent brings written inquiry (answer and proxy), seal registrant fills all in written inquiry (answer and proxy), and please leave documents (the originals such as driver's license, health insurance card, residence card in expiration date, special permanent resident certificate) which can do identity verification of seal registrant. Take identity verification documents of agent and signet of agent.
[application and grant window]
 We can apply in each ward office Family Register and Resident Section, each branch. In addition, grant of seal registration document becomes window same as application.
 (explanatory note) As application for registration is not made at citizen service corner, please be careful.

About seal registration document

 I hand seal registration document to person that seal registration was finished.
 As you are necessary by all means when you issue seal registration certificate, please be careful not to be lost.
Seal registration document card design

When we are transferred to the suburbs

 Seal registration is abolished automatically when transferred to the suburbs.
 When seal registration is newly necessary, please go through the procedure in municipality of transference.

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