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The last update date:
April 1, 2019

 We carry out home delivery of cooked foods lecture to prevent consumers damage of young fellow, and to promote awareness and independence as consumers, and to have richer consumer life realize.
 City officials go to high school or university, technical school in Shizuoka-shi and talk about consumers trouble that young people are easy to fall into while using DVD and slide. In class of home economics, please use in enlightenment to twelfth grader who is near graduation, class of university.
 We accept application at any time.

 By any of the following, apply.
 (1) Application with electronic application system  → 
Please input the requirements here.
 (2) We submit application to life relief security section  → You download application, and please use. Application (Excel)、 Application (PDF)

  ※As there are adjustment, convenience of preparations in schedule, almost apply within three weeks before conduct day.

The conduct date and time, contents

(1) Date
    We carry out between principle, from 9:00 to 20:00 of from Monday to Friday (except holiday, New Year holidays).
    We perform to the fact of school at degree for 50-120 minutes per once.
    When you hope for day and time except the above, please refer.
(2) Conduct method
    The staff of consumer service center goes to school and acts as lecturer.
    We do not mind even conduct of grade unit in one class either. We carry out to the fact of school.
(3) Theme
    We talk about consumers troubles that young people are easy to fall into. Please talk about detail.
    ・Let's understand contract (minor cancellation, cooling off)
    ・The Internet trouble (net shopping, flea market application)
    ・Cell-phone, trouble of smartphone
    ・Let's understand money (credit card, loan)
    ・The cashless settlement
    ・Security of living
    ・About consumer service center

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