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April 1, 2019

We revised "everyday consumers!"

 We revised the vice-teaching materials "everyday consumers!" of education for consumers and became contents which it was easy to further use.  
 We made these teaching materials as the vice-teaching materials of home economics of junior high school in 2012 to have you learn knowledge and practical ability to be tied to appropriate consumption action from early time.  
 It is product for junior high students, but, as the teaching materials such as voluntary learning at home or the training of company, group learning, please inflect.  

About the vice-teaching materials

 Character "Aoi" of junior high student "shun" "sei" and Shizuoka-shi consumer service center emblematic character "worth buttocks! hanamin comes up and is side reader moving with style of illustration and conversation. It becomes contents easy to read learning appropriate consumption action in concrete example. In addition, there are teachers' textbook and workbook that included development example in class to be easy to use teacher.

Downloading of the teaching materials

About the 2012 version vice-teaching materials

 "Everyday consumers!" who made in 2012 This won "award for excellence" by education for consumers material commendation hosted by education for consumers support center.
 Person who wants to look at version in 2012, please download from this.
   The vice-teaching materials "everyday consumers!"

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