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May 20, 2020

2019 Shizuoka-shi art culture prize for encouragement prize winner

Shimizu Philharmonic Orchestra <section> orchestra

Shimizu Philharmonic Orchestra

 As citizen orchestra based in Shimizu-ku, it lasts from establishment more than 30 years and we work and have the results such as holding federation of whole country amateur orchestra (JAO) national convention, the world meeting as gala opening and administrative body of Fumika Shimizu Hall marinato in active performance that came from area.
  Furthermore, we contribute to developing upbringing including holding of "concert for child" that we intended for toward costarring, infant with local student orchestra and primary schoolchild and the protector and offer at art appreciation opportunity when we turned to citizen widely very much.
 In spite of being ability as citizen orchestra going away, contribution to music culture promotion in Shizuoka-shi and social contribution to area were appreciated, and further achievement was expected in future.

  Photograph: Shimizu Philharmonic Orchestra

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