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April 1, 2019

Kiyoshi Ishikawa green (Ishikawa result is not crowded)-like <section> calligraphy

Photograph of Kiyoshi Ishikawa Midori

 We plan promotion of ko* of calligraphy culture and calligraphy education as calligrapher and play an active part in many aspects of the central book estrade, prefecture, hometown as kana writer and win many prizes.
 On the other hand, Shizuoka citizen school festival calligraphy section judge and lyceum bulletin act as chief editor of "wind of culture" and contribute to development of calligraphy culture in Shizuoka-shi.
 Contribution to activity as past calligrapher and promotion of calligraphy culture in Shizuoka-shi was appreciated, and further development was expected in future.

Music [cello] of Naoki Aoshima (Aoshima get up) <section>

Photograph of Naoki Aoshima

 In cello players representing Shizuoka, we appear on many concerts in various parts of Japan including Tokyo.
 On the other hand, it moves into action as lesson pro and contributes to upbringing of young person taking music culture of Shizuoka-shi in the future.
 In addition, as leading figure of association of Shizuoka chamber music, we appear on concert in each place and make an effort for social action including performance in elementary and junior high school which rarely conflicts with health welfare center and live performance.
 Contribution to activity as past cello player and promotion of music culture in Shizuoka-shi was appreciated, and further development was expected in future.

Institute for Mio Kajita ballet (kajitamiobareekenkyujo) state <section> ballet

Photograph of Kajita maria

 It is group guiding ballet of many children since establishment for 44 years and produces human resources playing an active part in Takarazuka opera, overseas ballet, entertainment world in the theatrical company four seasons.
 We perform many publicly in all parts of the world including periodical performance and overseas performance. In choreography and the direction, we take in new thing positively and send new form of modern dancing and are high group of consciousness to create culture of dancing in the present age peculiar to Japan.
 On the other hand, we participate in local cultural activities including dancing instruction in Shizuoka-shi child musical proactively and make an effort for promotion of ballet culture of Shizuoka-shi.
Furthermore, we perform social actions such as international volunteer, charity activity positively.
 Contribution to past activity and promotion of ballet culture in Shizuoka-shi was appreciated, and further development was expected in future.

Photograph: Teacher Kajita maria

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