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April 1, 2019
Photograph of participant hearing explanation of charge system of garbage
Photograph of the staff explaining charge system of garbage using monitor
 As we held discussion meeting about household waste charge system, we will announce about summary as follows.

[the date]
  The fifth: Sunday, January 20, 2013 14:00-16:00     
       Venue Shizuoka convention arts center (Grand ship) meeting room 910

[member of intervener]
  The fifth: 70 people

 jidai (the fifth) (PDF77KB)
 About material 1 "background of examination, significance, effect" (PDF951KB)
 About material 2 "various data" (PDF943KB)
 Reference materials "summary of opinion that had and way of thinking of Shizuoka-shi in the first, discussion meeting about the second household waste charge system" (PDF232KB)
 Reference materials "summary of opinion that had and way of thinking of Shizuoka-shi in the third, discussion meeting about the fourth household waste charge system" (PDF297KB)

[explanation summary] 
・In Shizuoka-shi, we examine "household waste charge system" that is one of the technique that it is thought that it is effective about further weight loss of garbage total discharge. 
・We arrange occasion hearing opinions to citizen's all of you widely on considering and are planning to plan development of measure that aimed at reflection of citizen opinion from plan stage.
・In past discussion meeting, the staff goes to area other than all five times of discussion meetings and has opinion of carrying out in format such as briefing session and study session about garbage weight loss and will consider whether we carry out such a meeting in future. 
・We explain backgrounds such as problem in waste disposal treatment business in Motoichi, change of garbage total discharge
・Effect by explanation, household waste charge system introduction of measure about reduction, exploitation of resources of garbage carrying out in Motoichi, explanation of the situation of other cities

[opinions that I received from participant] 
  "Summary of opinion and way of thinking (the fifth) of Shizuoka-shi" (PDF276KB)

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