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April 1, 2020

Student is all the members participation from 20 years old, too!

 System of national pension is system of support between generations obliging people in all under 60 to participation 20 years old residing in the country or older. If income becomes 20 years old if there is not, participation is necessary for student and part-time jobber by all means.
 Even if only anything lives long as for the system of national pension, we carry role big as social structure that relief becomes independent regardless of the situation of personal family such as living together or economic conditions of child again and can live for the old age.

Procedure when we became 20 years old

 "Announcement of national pension participation" is almost mailed within two weeks by Japanese pension system after becoming 20 years old. When "announcement of national pension participation" does not arrive even if it passes for around two weeks after becoming 20 years old, please file in insurance pension section of each ward office as participation procedure for national pension is necessary.
 In addition, which "news of national pension participation" reached in person joining welfare annuity insurance, cooperative association and transferred to right in front of 20 years old abroad, please contact pension office nearby.
In addition, please contact the office of spouse as it is national pension third insured person as for the spouse (person joining welfare annuity insurance, cooperative association) beginning support.
 Please pay premium with the enclosed payment notice. Convenient fund transfer and credit card payment are possible. For more details, please refer to pension office of neighborhood.
When payment of premium is difficult, postponement or released system has payment of premium. Please consult with each ward office insurance pension section.
Shizuoka pension office (person living in Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku) telephone: 054-203-3707
Shimizu pension office (person living in Shimizu-ku)      Telephone: 054-353-2233
nenkin dial (inquiry about pension) telephone: 0570-05-1165


Guidance of student payment exception system

 Even if it intends to pay premium, between student, there is only income of part-time job degree, and it may be difficult to put.
 For such time, national pension includes "student payment exception system".
 If premium is not paid among students, we will apply for student payment exception system by all means. In the case of application, thing proving that it is students such as student identification cards is necessary.
 It is counted during pension recipient qualification period about period when we received student payment special exception, but we are not reflected to the amount of future pension.

Person in charge of each ward insurance pension section national pension

Person in charge of Aoi-ku insurance pension section national pension
〒420-8602 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku the first floor of the government office
Telephone: 054-221-1065

Person in charge of Suruga-ku insurance pension section national pension
〒422-8550 10-40, Minamiyahatacho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi Suruga-ku the second floor of the government office
Telephone: 054-287-8624

Person in charge of Shimizu-ku insurance pension section national pension
〒424-8701 6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shimizu-ku the first floor of the government office
Telephone: 054-354-2134

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