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March 26, 2015
When we keep specific animal, permission of the mayor is necessary for each species, breeding facility. In addition, you must follow standard about structure and method of custody of breeding facility.
Revised "law (following, doaiho) about protection of animal and management" was enforced on June 1, 2006. Breeding storage of dangerous animal was permission system based on the prefectural regulations, but, before revision, prevention of outbreak and escape of harm was unified as permission system of breeding storage of identification animal nationwide to be thorough. 
As for the details, Ministry of the Environment homepage look at "protection of animal and appropriate management".

With specific animal

Specific animal is animal which might harm tiger, Japanese monkey, hawk, crocodile, human life, body, property including mamushi.
Based on doaiho, about 650 kinds (mammals, birds, reptiles) are chosen.
Rope Eyes Course Type
Mammalia Primate order Firewood colander department All all all all howler monkey genus kind spider monkey genus kind urikumozaru genus kind woolly monkey kinds
onagazaru department All Macaca kinds (we remove Taiwan colander, crab stake climbing rope and rhesus monkey.) All all all all all professional player all all all all all all all mangabey genus kind baboon genus kind mandrill genus kind gelada baboon genus kind cercopithecus genus kind patas genus kind colobi genus kinds colobi genus kind doek monkey genus kind kobanatenguzaru genus kind proboscis monkey genus kind leaf monkey genus kinds
tenagazaru department All tenagazaru department kinds
Person department All all all orangutan genus kind chimpanzee genus kind gorilla genus kinds
Carnivora Canid All all all line jackal, kinirojakkaru, prairie wolf wide among the dog genus, Thai Riku wolf, segurojakkaru, American Indian wild dog and Abyssinia jackal agouara genus kind Dole genus kind hyena dog genus kinds
Bear department All bear department kinds
Hyena department All hyena department kinds
Cat family It is all all all African Golden cat, caracal, jungle cat, puma, ocelot, serval, Asian Golden cat fishing cat and jaguarundi lynx genus kind leopard genus kind clouded leopard genus kinds among the cat genus
All cheetah genus kinds
Proboscidea Elephant department All elephant department kinds
Perissodactyl sai department sai kazenshu
Artiodactyl kaba department All kaba department kinds
Giraffe department All giraffe genus kinds
ushi department All all Cape buffalo genus kind bison genus kinds
Bird rope Ostrich eyes hikuidori department All hikuidori department kinds
taka eyes Condor department kariforuniakondorukondorutokiirokondoru
taka department ojirowashihakutouwashiowashihigewashikoshijirohagewashimadarahagewashikurohagewashimimihidahagewashihimeogiwashiogiwashipapuaogiwashifiripinwashiinuwashionagainuwashikoshijiroinuwashikammurikumatakagomabarawashi
Reptilia Tortoise eyes Bite, and steal; course Bite, and steal; all course kinds (snapping turtle is excluded.)
Lizard eyes Lizard department getting out All lizard department kinds getting out
Lizard department Hana black fly goanna Komodo dragon
Boa department boakonsutorikutaanakondaamejisutonishikihebiindonishikihebiamimenishikihebiafurikanishikihebi
Ordinary snake department All all all all boom slang genus kind Africa crane snake genus kind Rhabdophis tigrinus genus kind tachimenisu genus kinds 
Cobra department All cobra department kinds
Is corrupt; snake department Is corrupt; all snake department kinds (remove Taiwan snake.)
Crocodile eyes Alligator department All alligator department kinds
Crocodile department All crocodile department kinds
Gavial family All gavial family kinds

About application of permission

Downloading fills out, and, from documents about breeding, storage permission application of lower specific animal, please submit documents necessary for application to animal instruction center.
Person who lives in Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku to Shizuoka-shi animal instruction center (953, Ubume, Aoi-ku).
Person who lives in Shimizu-ku to person in charge of animal instruction center animal instruction second (6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku).
Permit is issued and breeds if not after and cannot keep. When we breed without license and keep, we are sentenced to fine imprisonment that is with six months or less of or 500,000 yen or less.
In addition, validity of permission is five years. Update procedure every five years is necessary.
Procedure for permission
*Flow until permission
Submission of application
We hand on-site inspection, fee payment notice
Confirmation of payment
Grant of permit
*Permission application fee
Per one kind 28,800 yen (at the time of application simultaneous three kinds or more 86,400 yen).
*Submission documents
・Specific animal breeding, storage permission application <the style 14th>
・Documents <the reference style fourth> indicating what applicant, corporation, officer of corporation do not correspond to by law Article 27 No. 2 i - ha
・Structure of breeding facility, drawing (when there is facility for movement including facility drawing for movement) indicating scale
・Photograph (when there is facility for movement including facility drawing for movement) of breeding facility
・Sketch of breeding facility neighborhood
When it has been already had individual identification such as wearing of microchip of taking a step, please attach any of the following documents.
・Microchip ID number certificate <the reference style fifth>
・(in the case of birds) foot ring ID number certificate <the reference style sixth>
When you cannot take individual identification measure, please attach the following documents.
・Certificate <the reference style 15th> pertaining to physical strength to be able to tolerate implantation of microchip 
When you put on microchip after breeding, the storage start, please report the following documents within 30 days.
・Specific animal identification measures conduct notification form <the style 20th>
*Attached documents (it varies according to conduct methods)
・Microchip implantation, ID number certificate <the reference style twelfth>  
・Identification measures conduct part, ID number management method <the reference style thirteenth>   
・Microchip implantation, ID number certificate (for study) <the reference style 16th> 
・Photograph which we photographed to know the notice situation of mark
・When there are defects in submission documents, the number of copies, mention contents, we cannot accept.
・The submission number of copies: Please attach copying (copy) to the original one on permission application. When we make plural application in the same facility, as for the permission application, the other leaf, please. But we do not mind attachment in a part.
・Application every type is necessary.
 For example, when we breed boa constrictor and amimenishikihebi, one application was enough for permission based on the past prefectural regulations as Indian pythons, but two application is necessary for permission by the revision movement love method as boa constrictor and amimenishikihebi.
Procedure for change permission (change needing on-site inspection)
*In the case of following ①-④, you must receive prior permission.
①The number of specific animals
②Change of the location of specific breeding facility
③Structure of specific breeding facility and scale
④Method of breeding of specific animal or storage
*Submission documents
・Specific animal breeding, storage change permission application place <the style 18th>
・②(3) Is case, structure of breeding facility, drawing indicating scale of this
・②(3) Is case, photograph of breeding facility of this
・②(3) Is case, sketch of breeding facility neighborhood of this
*Change permission fee
Per one kind, it is 9,100 yen.
 Procedure for report of change
*When the following permission contents have change, you must report within subsequent 30 days.
・Full name, name
・Name of Representative
・Purpose of breeding storage
・Full name, address of officer
・Main handler
*Submission documents
・Specific animal breeding, storage permission change notification form <the style 19th>  
Procedure to abolish breeding, storage
Please submit the following documents.
・ Specific animal breeding, storage abolition notification form <the style 17th>
・ Permit (return)
Territorial jurisdiction outside the area breeding, storage office action
When we breed out of Shizuoka-shi by specific breeding facility (facility for movement) pertaining to the permission concerned during period not exceeding 3rd or person who received breeding, storage permission of specific animal is going to keep, report is necessary for breeding or the local government having jurisdiction over place keeping no later than three days before we start breeding or storage. During period of 3 days, it is included during period accompanied with movement. (breeding, storage permission application in the local government to have jurisdiction over when it is over three days including moving period is necessary.) * On the contrary, it is necessary to receive permission of breeding, storage in other local governments when it moves from other local governments in Shizuoka-shi.
*Submission documents
・Specific animal territorial jurisdiction outside the area breeding, storage office action <the style thirteenth>
・Structure of breeding facility for movement, drawing indicating scale
・Photograph, moving course map of breeding facility for movement
 Breeding, storage report out of the facility 
When breeding out of specific breeding facility keeps specific animal receiving breeding, storage permission of specific animal in following ① ~ ⑤ more than one hour or we exclude application of escape hedge, report is necessary. 
①For cleaning of specific breeding facility 
②For repair of specific breeding facility 
③For movement to other specific breeding facilities in the same site 
④For display as the work 
⑤To do breeding or storage for purposes such as the accommodation to facility for movement outside specific breeding facility 
*Submission documents
・Specific breeding breeding, storage notification form <the notification style first> out of the facility
  The number of breeding, the storage increase and decrease report 
When we import, and person receiving breeding, storage permission of specific animal obtains by transfer, and numbers of identification animal increase by undertaking, breeding or other reasons or when we deliver transfer, and number decreases by reasons such as the death, killing, report is necessary for less than 30 days.
*Submission documents
・The number of specific animal breeding, storage increase and decrease notification form <notification style No. 2>
1) When exceed number that the number of specific animals listed in 1-(2) of breeding, storage permission application, it is breeding, storage change permission application.
2) When the number of specific animals increases, report based on breeding storage, report is necessary in addition, too.
3) Breed for breeding, storage for the purpose of production of biological preparation for test and research, purpose of stock raising and display,
 ①<the reference style 19th> When we make registry to establish in this and keep for five years 
 ②<the reference style 20th> When we submit report to set in this every year
When we are assigned to this, the number of breeding, the storage increase and decrease report is not necessary.

About the observance standard

Ministry of the Environment homepage, please refer to canon pertaining to "law about protection of animal and management" for the details.
Narrowed eyes (January 20, 2006 Ministry of the Environment notification No. 21) of standard about structure of specific breeding facility and scale
Narrowed eyes (January 20, 2006 Ministry of the Environment notification No. 22) of method of breeding of specific animal or storage
● Matter about structure or scale of breeding facility
・Breeding in facility which posts mark on place that it is easy to see from the outside, and got permission (you must not let go outside unless it establishes in law).
・Structure that can prevent escape and extreme security
・Breeding storage in "cage model facilities" which met constant standard  
● Method of management of breeding facility
・Conduct of periodical check of specific breeding facility
・Periodical confirmation of the situation of breeding of specific animal or storage
・Conduct of identification measures with microchip
・Report of the increase and decrease of breeding storage number depending on need


Is Q snapping turtle not included in specific animal?
We crawl on A. Was appointed by dangerous animal of the prefectural regulations until now, but double regulation with the foreign uncooked food method
  We excluded specific foreign uncooked food from specific animal to avoid.
  For more details, please refer to page of the foreign uncooked food method of Ministry of the Environment.
How does facility for Q movement apply?
Fixed facility and facility for movement think A breeding facility that there is more there being. On that case, application of both
  You list the requirements about facility, and please attach.

Contact information

The Shizuoka-shi health welfare station hygiene department animal instruction center  

<Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku>
Animal administration 
Animal instruction first person in charge  
 Address: 〒 421-1222
     953, Ubume, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
 Telephone: 054-278-6409  
 FAX: 054-278-2987

Person in charge of animal instruction second
 Address: 〒 424-8701
     6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
 Telephone: 054-354-2403
 FAX: 054-354-2226


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