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April 1, 2019
 Suicide who changes in approximately 30,000 people a year. The number amounts to several times of traffic death and becomes serious social problem. About 150 people a year kill their life by oneself in Shizuoka-shi. Citizen commits suicide at the rate of one for 2-3 days.  Is there person thinking, "therefore we cannot prevent suicide as a result of choice by free intention?"  
 As a result, we are cornered mentally and lose power that we talk and solve, and it is said that it is in a condition to come to cannot but choose death without person committing suicide having various problems, and solving them.  Therefore we devised "Shizuoka-shi suicide measures action plan" in May, 2009 to promote general suicide measures that not only administration but also private related organizations group included in Shizuoka-shi. By plan, we set numerical target to decrease the suicide death rate by 20% in eight years from 2009 to 2016 according to aim that country advocates. In addition, we assume three basic recognition citizen common recognition and put up about 90 business based on four basic policies.
○Basic recognition for suicide 1. Suicide is the youngest death forced into 2. Suicide is death that we can prevent 3. Person thinking about suicide gives signature while taking on trouble
○Basic policy 1. We deepen civic understanding about suicide 2. We solve various problems to cause suicide by social approach 3. We maintain the system of mental diseases such as depression that is at increased risk of suicide early for early detection 4. We try for improvement of support for suicide attempter and suicide family

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