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We establish  "suicide measures promotion center" to plan promotion of suicide measures in Shizuoka-shi.


 In suicide measures promotion center, we carry out the next duties mainly.


(1) Intelligence, analysis, reporting about suicide measures
(2) Cooperation reinforcement with related organizations, group

(3) Introduction of appropriate consultation counter

(4) It is admitted that we contribute to other suicide measures

  〒420-0846 24-1, Jotoucho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Joto health welfare area
         Public health center mental health employee services
  Telephone, FAX 054-209-7260


To citizen's all of you "live! Can support this, under the theme of send information from homepages.


Shizuoka-shi suicide measures homepage (shizukoko net)  



 Shizuoka-shi suicide measures homepage "shizukoko net"

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The health welfare longevity station public health center mental health employee services suicide measures information center

The location: 24-1, Jotoucho, Aoi-ku Joto health welfare area public health center mental health employee services

Telephone: 054-209-7260

Fax: 054-209-7260

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