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The last update date:
May 11, 2020
It is dial banner in anything
※This telephone uses "navigator dial" and takes call charge of 10 yen every 20 seconds.

Consultation contents

◆Consultation about health and medical care including anxiety of infection
◆Management and financing, consultation about support to company including request, cooperation of closure
◆Consultation about special Supplementary Income Payment
◆We inform of department in charge of Specialized Agencies and city hall as needed

Reception hours

Phone number 0570-08-0567 (navigator dial 10 yen/20 seconds)
Reception hours: 8:00-20:00

Should we consult specialized medical institution (returnee, contact outpatient department)? ?

We accept with "Shizuoka-shi new model corona consultation dial even as for what" whether person with the next symptom should consult specialized medical institution (returnee, contact outpatient department).

(1) Which had fever or respiratory symptom, and came in contact with new coronavirus infected person within 14 days
(2) Which had fever and respiratory symptom, and came in contact with with a history of travel or with a history of travel in endemic area within 14 days
(3) With strong tiredness (lassitude) and suffocation (dyspnea)
(4) In elderly person and person with underlying disease (diabetes, heart trouble, respiratory illness) or pregnant women, it is fever with a light cold symptom
(5) A cold that symptom continues more than 4th that fever or a cough are light in except (4)

Shizuoka-shi returnee, contact consultation center

When there is anything outside reception hours of consultation dial, we accept with the following number. 
Only person with anxiety would like contact to this in physical condition.

[Shizuoka-shi returnee, contact consultation center]
Phone number 054-249-2221, FAX 054-249-3153
Reception hours: 20:00 - next morning 9:00


About outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare establishes telephone consultation desk.

[telephone consultation counter of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare]
Phone number 0120-565653 (toll free number)
Reception hours: 9:00-21:00 (we carry out on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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