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February 1, 2020
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■□■ "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" was had change (revision) of from February 1, 2020 ■□■

<revision> Shizuoka-shi scenery plan

 In Motoichi, we devise "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" based on the scenery method for the making of scenery like Shizuoka targeting at whole city limits in 2008.
 However, we revised "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" that about ten years passed from development and met needs that were correct in the times as directionality of town development that Motoichi aimed at by development (H27) of "the third comprehensive plan", revision (H28) of "city planning master plan" in the meantime was shown, and to realize "Shizuoka that shined in the world" by being united with they high rank plan and associated plan, and promoting scenery measure and reviewed reorganization or policy of area of the scenery formation.
 We took opinion from many of you who had "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" by opinion open call for participants procedure (public comment) in revision (change) into account.
 Understanding and cooperation, please in future to be able to realize the scenery formation deserving to be mature city by citizen, collaboration with proprietor.

Main change

● We founded "cityscape promotion district"

 Divide into zone (district according to use of land) of six that adjusted whole city to use of land until now, policy of the landscape formation every zone planned landscape instruction by standard, but city function gathered newly, and added people area 6 zone to gather a lot, and divided as "cityscape promotion district" that set policy and standard of the original landscape formation.
 We can plan scenery instruction to characteristic of district, and this makes possible scenery town development that planned directionality and alignment of town development that Motoichi aims at.

● We added "photovoltaic power generation facilities" to act targeted for report

 "Photovoltaic power generation facilities" did not become a target of report, but were targeted for report newly until now. About act, scale to be targeted for report, plottage of area to install in land in solar cell modules (panel) of photovoltaic power generation facilities which became independent enlarges new establishment more than 1,000m2 (in the scenery plan emphasis district 10m2), and it is reconstruction or move. In addition, report is not intended for photovoltaic power generation facilities which we installed in roof and the roof.

● We founded "prior consultation system"

 When the totals of total floor area of part about new establishment, enlargement, reconstruction or move of building exceed 5,000m2, it is necessary to do "prior consultation" about scenery within 60 days before report based on regulations of scenery method Article 16 Paragraph 1. (total floor area of existing part does not include.)

■□■ Current "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" (until January 31, 2020) ■□■

It is current "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan".
As it is made revision (change) on February 1, 2020, please be careful.

 ・Cover - first page - table of contents <311KB>
 ・Constitution <284KB> of Shizuoka-shi scenery plan
 ・It is <418KB> master plan for the good scenery formation like beginning Shizuoka-shi
 ・The present situation and characteristic <1.38MB> of scenery of Chapter 1 Shizuoka-shi
 ・Basic policy <3.49MB> promotion of the Chapter 2 scenery formation
 ・Limit <893KB> of acts such as Chapter 3 large-scale construction things
 ・Scenery plan in Chapter 4 emphasis district <1.25MB>
 ・Maintenance, inflection policy <0.98MB> of Chapter 5 scenery resources
 ・The promotion system <265KB> of the Chapter 6 scenery formation
 ・Commentary <197KB> of term
 ・Reference materials <7.31MB>
    The system and process of reference 1 plan development
    Approach process of the reference 2 scenery formation
    Reference 3 citizen questionnaire result
    The present situation, characteristic data about reference 4 scenery
    Reference 5 Shizuoka-shi urban environment law
 ・Update list - end of a volume <70KB>

About area or scenery formation policy, standard of scenery plan emphasis district,
Please see this page. ⇒
"Scenery plan emphasis district"


About partial change of Shizuoka-shi scenery plan (is partial change of current plan)

The following contents for change relates to partial change of current "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" accompanied with revision of the scenery method.
As "<revision> Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" that reviewed Shizuoka-shi scenery plan totally is enforced on February 1, 2020, about that place, please see "<revision> Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" publishing in the upper part of our page.

 "Law (2011 law No. 105.) about maintenance of law to plan promotion of reform to raise local independence and self-subsistence of relationships "(Local sovereignty reform lump law (second)) promulgated on August 30, 2011, and it was enforced on the same day, and a part of the scenery method was revised pursuant to the provision of law Article 158.
 We decide to change about point quoting the scenery method in "the Shizuoka-shi scenery plan" by this.
[summary of partial revision of the scenery method]
 Scenery method Article 8 Paragraph 2 No. 2 was deleted, and the following issues carried by 1, and Article 8 Paragraph 3 was founded, and regulations of old No. 2 became obligation to make effort regulations.
 ※Please see this about change point of Shizuoka-shi scenery plan. ⇒ Shizuoka-shi scenery plan the old and the new contrast vote (PDF137KB)

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