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February 1, 2020
 When we are accompanied to push forward the good scenery formation when we perform building acts such as large-scale buildings which might have a big influence on neighboring sceneries, we plan regulation, instruction based on scenery formation standard (limit of act) to set of Chapter 3 of "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan".
 In addition, based on scenery method Article 16, report is necessary beforehand.
 When report is necessary, you report with reference to the report manual (PDF 2.6MB) of act in scenery plan area, and please go through the procedure.

It is targeted for report

■Area that is targeted for report
 Scenery plan area: Whole Shizuoka-shi
 ※When there is to distribute district and zone to scenery properties; (PDF 1.7MB)

■Act, scale that is targeted for report
 Act, scale to be targeted for report is this 

※When there is plan in around Shimizu Port (district near harborside district and the harborside district), discussion of "Shimizu Port, all and color plan" may be necessary. For details, please ask Shizuoka-shi government office ocean culture city promotion office (054-354-2343).
It is this about "Shimizu Port, all and color plan"

Flow of procedure

■Flow of procedure
 Flow of procedure is this
 ※Please tell building General Administration Division within 30 days before building certification application or permission application by regulations of Building Standard Act. (when we do not need building certification application until 30 days before start of act)

Scenery formation standard (limit of act)

■Scenery formation standard (limit of act)
About scenery formation standard, look at Chapter 3 of "Shizuoka-shi scenery plan".
In Chapter 3, policy and standard about the scenery formation every district and zone are listed.
"Scenery formation standard" becomes rule that act to be targeted for report must follow.
・We raised that "scenery formation policy" turned to direction that citizen and company, administration had the same and pushed forward the good scenery formation, and, with or without report, all acts showed directionality of the scenery formation to want you to protect.

The main story of Shizuoka-shi scenery plan ➡ (PDF30.9MB) summary version (PDF10.1MB)

Downloading of report (notice) style

■Submission number of copies ... one copy

Downloading of report (notice) style
 Download page is this

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