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March 26, 2015
 Signature reports various information necessary for people to act clearly, and it is in source of information whom people can understand instantly. In addition, not only various places and visitor of inhabitants can act by signature smoothly, but also create charm of town and form good scenery.
 It is easy to understand the information to be concerned with movement and action in the city and, in Shizuoka-shi, tells for people and citizen visiting Motoichi mainly on three city nuclei (JR Shizuoka Station, JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station, JR Shimizu Station) and introduces tourist attractions in the city and sets standard on planning various community signatures for town development that creation and people in beautiful attractive cityscape gather.

Public signature example

◎Basic policy of signature maintenance
■We provide necessary information effectively
■We do reporting corresponding to various users
■We try for reporting that we systematized
■We aim at signature design forming scenery
■We do appropriate maintenance


Public signature manual cover

■Collective downloading PDF 12.1MB
■We download separately
1. Purpose
2. Basic policy
3. Signature system
4. Way of thinking of signature design
5. Indication design standard
6. Signature basics design
7. Map information publication standard
8. Shape standard
9. Setting standard
10. Operational management
11. Application, development
12. Reference materials

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