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February 1, 2020

Report before start

 As for the act targeted for report, the mayor needs submission of notification form for (when we do not need building certification application until 30 days before start of act) until 30 days before building certification application.

 "Notification form of act in scenery plan area" (the style first) and "scenery check list" (style No. 2)
  "Notification form" of "district according to use of land" + "check list" [Word format] (45KB) [Portable Document Format] (300KB)
  "Notification form" of "cityscape promotion district" + "check list" [Word format] (47KB) [Portable Document Format] (313KB)

 [attachment] Neighborhood sketch, the neighboring situation photographs, plans, the more than two coloration elevations. For more information: (PDF246KB)

 Entry example of notification form (PDF453KB)

 ※The scenery plan emphasis district (Utsunoya, the sunrise, around Sunpu Castle Park, Saho Peninsula district) varies in style of notification form. Please confirm in page of scenery plan emphasis district.

Report of change

 It is necessary to report more no later than 30 days before we start change part if we are going to change report contents.

 "Change notification form of act in scenery plan area" (style No. 3)
   ➡ [Word format] (24KB) [Portable Document Format] (42KB)

 ※Among books which you attached to original report, please attach thing pertaining to change

Report of completion

 When act of report is completed, please report without delay.

 "Completion notification form of act in scenery plan area" (style No. 4)
  ➡ [Word format] (24KB) [Portable Document Format] (43KB)

 ※Please attach photograph indicating act having been completed.

Period shortening of act start

 When contents of report adapt to scenery plan, and it is admitted that we do not affect the good scenery formation, we can shorten periods from report to act start. Please submit request for shortening book in conjunction with notification form after having talked before report in advance if we want to shorten during period.

 "Contracted request book"
  ➡[Word format] (30KB) [Portable Document Format] (90KB)

 ※But case to need building certification application is excluded.


Notice documents (act that state organ or local public entity performs)

 "Office action of act in scenery plan area" (style No. 7) and "scenery check list" (style No. 2)

  Office action [Word format] of "district according to use of land" (46KB) [Portable Document Format] (300KB)
  Office action [Word format] of "cityscape promotion district" (48KB) [Portable Document Format] (313KB)

  ※Attached book is the same as report before start.

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