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April 24, 2020

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 It is Akahori who took office as the superintendent of education newly on April 24.
  Firstly we carry out closure of a school of school as precautionary measures for children to ensure the security for Motoichi following the fact that prediction areas of emergency declaration of the government was expanded to the whole country because influence predictions of person of movement from the specific caution metropolis and districts are difficult. We have deep understanding and cooperation and thank child student, protector, citizen's all of you very much.
 School, home, area, administration finds opportunity of learning of child students as a team, and, in such situation, Motoichi Board of Education thinks that it is important to take support that snuggled up to each person's mind.
 Child students thinks that it is lived a life while feeling anxiety without being able to go to school. We have a lot of with feeling that I am very sorry when we think of everybody spending such a days. However, each us takes each other's hands to get over global crisis simply because it is such situation and thinks that it is important to perform that there is now.
 We sincerely pray for day when child students can go to school well brightly. As we will work on infectious disease measures to be absolutely sure until the day comes, it follows and sincerely hopes that understanding and cooperation from.

Shizuoka-shi Board of Education
Superintendent of education Fuminobu Akahori

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