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May 20, 2020
Chairperson Kazumi Shigeta Chairperson Kazumi Shigeta
Vice-president Kiyobumi Hayakawa Vice-president Kiyobumi Hayakawa

 Thank you for you seeing Shizuoka-shi assembly homepage.
 We say hello as we took office as Shizuoka-shi parliamentary speaker, vice-president.
 This year is year equal to the second year of late implementation plan of the third Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan and is important year to fix the eyes on the future of Motoichi, and to promote plan in earnest. Many business is carried out toward realization of comprehensive plan, but duties of city hall are not only gorgeous things appearing for master plan.

 For such a municipal administration, assembly becomes administrative interactive lubricant with citizen and protects relief, security of citizen's and thinks that it is necessary to move fast-acting measure to practice to plan progress of economy.
 Response to various problems associated with new coronavirus infectious disease raging worldwide is urgent problem, and it is right now at one year of crucial moment.

 Municipal assembly and administration are compared to important pair, but brakes are important for municipal administration administration like accelerator, too. We plan communication positively not to become wrong steering wheel operation while keeping feeling of strain that is appropriate so that effective measure to citizens is promoted and work together in competition and will make every possible effort.

 We will carry out history, tradition, culture and rich naturally comfortable ordinance-designated city, the chairperson of 2020 of Shizuoka-shi, responsibility as vice-president.
 We hope that we have further understanding for municipal assembly, support continuously.


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