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December 2, 2019
 We pay our attention to green tract of land function supported by agricultural production activities such as farmland in area designated for urbanization and keep farmland which is useful for pollution or prevention of disaster, maintenance of city environment that harmonized with agriculture and forestry fishery in good condition premeditatedly, and urban agricultural area is district planning the formation of good city environment.

Designated agricultural plot designation came to be possible from 300m2 or more farmland

 Area requirements of urban agricultural area designation were 500m2 or more, but came to be able to appoint by "designated agricultural plot law" revision and the "regulations to set condition about scale of area of Shizuoka-shi urban agricultural area" establishment so far from farmland 300m2 or more from 2019.

About acceptance that you wish to appoint

Urban agricultural area designated desired acceptance of 2020 was finished.
We plan acceptance as follows on the next time.

○ Reception desk period : From the end of January, 2021 to the end of February 9:00-16:00 
          (but except Saturday, Sundays and holidays)

○ Reception desk place : Green tract of land policy section (Shizuoka the seventh floor of the government building)
            City planning office (Shimizu the third floor of the government building)

About concrete reception desk period and place, we guide by setting of PR flyer to publication to homepage, each lifelong learning interchange building including public relations magazine of January issue every year once it's been decided.

Confirmation of urban agricultural area

About change of designated offer contents of designated agricultural plot

 When change occurs in designated offer contents in the land which caught designation of designated agricultural plot, it is necessary to report by the following formats.

About purchase proposal of designated agricultural plot

 When you perform purchase proposing of designated agricultural plot, using the following formats, please submit to green tract of land policy section window.

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