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The last update date:
June 23, 2020
 Citizen's widely, Shizuoka-shi flower and green town development meeting pressure to work on exercise to bring up flower and green and are group for the purpose of making rich environmental town, Shizuoka.

1 tree planting promotion business

We work on the fund-raising of 1 green
 We carry out for the purpose of planning maintenance of the forest and promotion of tree planting.
 Donation activity request point is schools in city such as each residents' association, company and others.
(spring from March 15 to May 31, fall from September 1 to October 31)

 The green donation total sum in Shizuoka-shi of 2019 was 14,945,509 yen.
These donations are spent for tree planting business, and a part is issued by this meeting business.
 Cooperation to donation of 2020, please last, too.

2 tree planting work contests
 We carry out tree planting work contest in 2020 (the 15th)!

Offer period from Thursday, August 20, 2020 to Thursday, September 3
For details, please refer to the following gist.
※As for the size of drawing paper, there is no change from last year.

Business to cost 2 city to fill the flower

Autumn gardening city photograph

Holding of 1 gardening city
  Spring: Saturday, April 25, 2020, 26th Sunday  
※We cancel for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease
  Fall: The end of October, 2020
   (going to carry out in Shimizu Nihondaira Sports Park multi-purpose open space)

 2 tree planting facility inspection meetings               

  ※We cancel for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease

  2020 tree planting facility inspection meeting
  Wednesday, May 20, 2020
  ◎hamamatsu flower park (Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi Tateyama temple)
    Walk with Director Konami Tsukamoto commentary
    "Smile garden" "Rose garden"
  ◎Capital Land study field (Hanakawacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi) of rose
    Explanation of garden master is with and enjoys flower and fragrance of rose

3 2020 tree planting classes (city sponsorship) ※Citizen object  

◎Thursday, July 9, 2020 - acceptance start

[the first]    
Let's make flower and group planting & herb salt of herb‼
  We activate the five senses! Is herb in this summer; as for the mind
     Is body not refreshed, too? ♪♪

◎The date and time, place

[Shimizu venue]  Monday, August 17 from 14:00 to 16:00
  Shizuoka-shi government office Shimizu the third floor of the government building 313 meeting room
  (6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku)

[Shizuoka venue]  Wednesday, August 19 from 14:00 to 16:00 
  The Shizuoka-shi staff Hall (Shinnakamachi the third floor of the building)
   (10, Otemachi, Aoi-ku)

◎It is ◎ material cost/2,500 yen in/anyone target  
◎Each 20 capacity/venues (application order)

◆Lecturer Morohoshi and he who is good◆ 
(Gardiner, plant therapist)

[the second]

 We are going to carry out in December, 2020

4 flower bed contests 

We carry out flower bed contest in 2019 (the 15th)!

Offer period from Monday, September 1, 2020 to Friday, October 30
 ※For details, please refer to the following gist.

3 tree planting, planting tree planting business

 As promotion, support project of local tree planting, Kambara post town festival & industry fair participated in Yui Highway festival, November, 2019 in October, 2019 and carried out distribution of sapling targeting at which raised funds 100 yen or more.
State of Yui Highway festival exhibition
State of Kambara post town festival exhibition

Business to plan development of 4 meetings and smooth administration

 Holding (targeted for flower and member of green promotion) of tree planting class ※Application deadline mashita.

Leader - object of making local flower bed
   (flower and member of green promotion)

〗 made with design of flower bed that 〖 is fun and learns
Do not design flower bed which want to look at by ... fashion; or ...
✿Class contents✿
   Basic 〗 of 〖 flower bed design

    ・Design utilized characteristic of plant and basic point
    ・Combination of placement and color of flower
    ・The way of demonstration, flower bed management made with flower bed

[the date and time]   Monday, June 29, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:30
         Only as for either, application is possible for from 2:00 to 3:30 on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

[place]   The Shizuoka-shi staff Hall (the third floor of the Nakamachi Building 10, Otemachi, Aoi-ku)

[capacity]   For each around 30 people

[participation fee] Free of charge 

[lecturer]   Kazuo Shitara interest farm president
                   guri-nadobaiza gardening sommelier
                   Hanging basket master
                   Lecturer at Shizuoka design technical school flower design course
                   Adviser fujinokuni magnificent city Shizuoka etc



5 opening garden guidebook 2020

* In Shizuoka-shi flower and green town development meeting, we spread flower and green town development happily
  To promote opening garden, "opening garden Shizuoka guidebook 2020"
    We made this.

* Opening garden is released by goodwill of owner, and individual
  We introduce 35 gardens of this.

* "Opening garden" that gives moisture and ease in heart of coming people
  When you see garden by all means and can feel a time when heart softens

  We think. Please enjoy garden to tie people and person to through flower.

   ※When you look at opening garden, please wear mask.

★Booklet is Shizuoka-shi government office Shizuoka government building the seventh floor of the new building green tract of land policy section
           Shimizu-shi government office                       We distribute in city planning office on the third floor.


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