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The last update date:
March 29, 2017
 About business to realize green basic plan (= plan), we formulated concrete content and "basic plan action program of Shizuoka-shi green" that showed effective time (= conduct plan).

Development purpose

 In Motoichi, we devised "Shizuoka-shi master plans for parks and open spaces" as plan indicating policy to realize figure and that which there should be in the future about the green whole such as green maintenance and maintenance of park, tree planting promotion in 2008 and revised in 2014.
 About business to realize this green basic plan (= plan), concrete content and conduct plan indicating effective time are "basic plan action programs (revised edition) of Shizuoka-shi green".
 Based on this action program, we carry out various business about green and will aim at realization of green "story Shizuoka of green and waterside that people and nature and history weave" that will be image in the future that we raised for green basic plan in future.

Period of action program

 During period targeted for this action program, we do with implementation period (from 2015 to 2022) of the third comprehensive plan.

Aim of action program

●We increase the areas of the city park to 520 hectares!
  415 hectares (2013) → 520 hectares (with possibility the 2022 achievement) 
●We increase roads with roadside tree to 312 kilometers!
  304 kilometers (2013) → 312 kilometers (with possibility the 2022 achievement)
●We increase green proportion of city planning area to 39.5%!
  39.0% (2013) → 39.5% (with possibility the 2022 achievement)

List of action program business

 Action program about green to carry out during the third comprehensive plan period has 63 programs. List of action program business is this ↓↓↓

Action program downloading

 We can download detailed contents of green basic plan action program (revised edition) from this.

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