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April 1, 2019
●What is scenic zone?  In areas of land forming good natural scenery, maintenance of natural beauty sets based on Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 8 Paragraph 1 No. 7 in land utility plan in city about necessary area to plan maintenance of city environment.  In scenic zone, we arrange regulation for acts such as construction of building or creation of residential land by the scenic zone regulations of city and aim at maintenance of good natural beauty environment. [materials] From Shizuoka-shi scenic zone regulations ⇒ this (PDF271KB) [materials] From Shizuoka-shi scenic zone regulations enforcement regulations ⇒ this (PDF202KB)

Summary of scenic zone

●Classification and limit of scenic zone
 In Motoichi, we fix all 11 districts, about 2,800ha for scenic zone. In addition, we divide this scenic zone into the first kind scenic zone and the second kind scenic zone and push forward creation and maintenance, maintenance of good natural beauty environment.

The first class scenic zone
  Area where it is necessary to keep natural beauty that it is district forming particularly good natural beauty in forest place, river, hill country, and development is not advancing now, and is particularly good continuously in good condition

The second kind scenic zone
  Area where making is already going ahead through residential land in districts that forest place, river, hill country becomes vital factor, and form good natural beauty, and, also, it is necessary for maintenance to create natural beauty that is good while permitting some development

Number The scenic zone name Ward The first kind (ha) The second kind (ha) In total (ha)
No. 21 Wide sand hill scenic zone Shimizu-ku About 45.2 About 1.4 About 46.6
No. 22 Three Hokkyuu ability shore scenic zones Shimizu-ku About 88.6 0 About 88.6
No. 23 Existence degree mountain scenic zone (Shimizu) Shimizu-ku About 772.6 About 73.9 About 846.5
No. 24 Kiyomi temple scenic zone Shimizu-ku About 21.0 About 2.5 About 23.5
No. 25 Scenic zone in castle Aoi-ku 0 About 28.5 About 28.5
No. 26 Mt. Shizuhata scenic zone Aoi-ku About 186.1 About 2.9 About 189.0
No. 27 Mt. Tanitsu scenic zone Aoi-ku About 81.6 About 9.8 About 91.4
No. 28 Existence degree mountain scenic zone (Suruga) Suruga-ku About 914.3 About 206.9 About 1121.2
No. 29 Ohama Hisanobu Beach scenic zone Suruga-ku About 44.3 About 28.1 About 72.4
No. 30 Mukoushikiji, Maruko scenic zone Suruga-ku About 96.0 0 About 96.0
No. 31 Ogue scenic zone Suruga-ku About 196.4 0 About 196.4
11 districts in total About 2446.1 About 354 About 2800.1

※Existence degree mountain scenic zone performed review of area in July, 2013.
[materials] From summary ⇒ this of scenic zone (PDF253KB)

Examination standard changed from limit <April 1, 2013 in scenic zone!>

When we perform act listed below in the scenic zone, permission of the mayor is necessary.

1) Building, new construction, reconstruction, the enlargement of other workpieces or move
2) Change form and essence of other land of creation of residential land
3) Felling of tree bamboo
4) Collection of kind of nothing special
5) Landfill of the surface of the water or reclamation
6) Change of colors such as buildings
7) Sedimentation of nothing special, waste in the outdoors or reproduction resources

※Standard about construction of buildings
Classification Height
Coverage ratio
Road retreat
Neighboring land retreat
We contact with building
Difference in elevation of the ground surface
Tree planting rate
The first kind natural beauty 8 20 3 1.5 6 50
The second kind natural beauty 15 40 2 1 9 30
[reference materials]
→ Examination standard (April 1, 2013 revised edition) such as the Shizuoka-shi scenic zone regulations (PDF116KB)
→ Ways of thinking (PDF1.13MB) of examination standard such as the Shizuoka-shi scenic zone regulations

We compiled interrogatories to inquire well as FAQ.
→ Common question about scenic zone

About act application documents in scenic zone

Application documents are as follows. The submission number of copies would like Part 2 (original copy, vice-copy).

○Act (e.g.,: buildings such as housing, creation of residential land) to need permission to publish in regulations Article 2 Paragraph 1 is this
Please prepare documentation package of (5) from following (1).
(1) Act permission application (WORD45KB) in scenic zone
(2) Disposal of tree bamboo and planting plan (WORD43KB)
(3) The enforcement method book (please attach all the applicable acts.)
⇒When construction of building changes colors such as new construction of workpiece (WORD45KB)
⇒When we change creation such as residential land, form and essence of land of (WORD48KB)
⇒When we fell tree bamboo (WORD36KB)
⇒When we gather the earth and sand (WORD36KB)
⇒When we fill up the surfaces of the water (WORD36KB)
⇒When we perform sedimentation of the earth and sand and sediment (WORD36KB)
(4) Attached documents to show in attention column of each enforcement method book
(5) Proxy (when put up agent) (WORD29KB)

○Act (e.g.,: electric power industry, telecommunications business) not to become a target of permission to advocate in regulations Article 3 is this

Please prepare documentation package of (4) from following (1).
(1) Act office action (WORD46KB) in scenic zone
※Like the following, "act to need permission"
(2) Disposal of tree bamboo and planting plan
(3) The enforcement method book (please attach all the applicable acts.)
(4) Attached documents to show in attention column of each enforcement method book

○Other application documents (when matter to show next accrues, please submit immediately.)
・When we change contents of application at first → Change permission application (WORD39KB) and drawing which knows the change point
・When we succeed act applying for to third party by circumstances → Report of succession (WORD39KB)
・When change occurs in address of applicant → Name and address notification of change (WORD36KB)
・When we cancel application act → Report of cancellation (WORD41KB)

○Report of completion
If act that we applied for is completed, please submit two copies of reports of completion immediately.
→Report of completion (WORD39KB)
Attached documents : Local photograph which can confirm construction of act that got permission

Confirmation of area of scenic zone

Place of scenic zone is checked than city planning information Internet offer service.

City planning information Internet offer service is this

Standard paperwork period

Standard paperwork period to be concerned with act permission in scenic zone is 14 days (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
※But it is not this limit about question item to council for natural beauty.

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