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March 26, 2015
 In Motoichi, we wished to express deepest sympathy to various places where it was sacrificed by the earth and sand disaster of Hiroshima-shi that occurred on August 20, 2014, and suffered from coming back to as soon as possible original life, revival of stricken area sincerely prayed for what was done immediately and decided to present ex gratia payment of 1 million yen.

≪The mayor comment≫
 We sincerely tell people suffered damage passed away by the earth and sand disaster of this Hiroshima-shi in various places about condolences and visit.
 Motoichi decided to present ex gratia payment of 1 million yen to Hiroshima-shi.
 We conclude "agreement about 21 big city disasters phase each other support" with Hiroshima-shi as the same ordinance-designated city and want to perform every possible support in future when there is support request based on agreement even if we do with Motoichi.

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