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The last update date:
April 1, 2019

Approach of 1 Shizuoka-shi

(1) Background
 Web accessibility means that it is said that homepages are available to anyone including elderly person and person with a disability. Standard to secure Web accessibility is industry in Japan
規格JIS X 8341-3:2016として定められており、総務省「みんなの公共サイト運用ガイドライン(2016年版)」は、公的機関が提供するホームページ等をJIS X 8341-3:2016の適合レベルAAに準拠することを求めています。

(2) Past approach
 In Shizuoka-shi, JIS X 8341-3 performed mechanical inspection based on 2016 targeting at all pages that Shizuoka-shi official homepage released in 2018 and confirmed problems for improvement.

(3) Future approach plan
 We examine the following approaches to improve Web accessibility of Shizuoka-shi homepage.
  • Conduct of the member of fixed-job worker training
  • Development of Shizuoka-shi guidelines

2 JIS X aim (Web accessibility policy) for 8341-3: 2016

(1) Target range
 Shizuoka-shi official homepage (

(2) Time limit to achieve aim
 Until the end of 2022
  • Correction of template of "questionnaire about this page" displayed to about 6,600 pages
  • We read substitute text of attached image aloud, and we are revised by indication being aware of the soft use
  • Update of page using old format
 Until the end of 2026
  • It is 2016 conformity level AA conformity JIS X 8341-3

(3) Conformity level and correspondence degree to have final goal of getting
 It is 2016 conformity level AA conformity JIS X 8341-3
 There are A, AA, three conformity levels of AAA to 2016 JIS X 8341-3. "Conformity means that we meet all achievement standards of conformity level A and conformity level AA in conformity level AA". This notation method "is 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee – It is thing by notation set in March, 2016 in version.

(4) Exception matter
 We do not include in this Web accessibility policy about PDF file, but will perform correspondence such as putting HTML pages together as far as it is possible, and preparing about thing to make in future.
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