Sightseeing, event latest information RSS Sightseeing, event latest information RSS ja-jp Cherry blossoms prawns drying in the sun (the inside between fishing season in the spring of 2020) Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-27T12:00:00+09:00 "Gusset is theater" pafominguatsu dispatch business bounty Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-26T11:51:00+09:00 Nihondaira Park (Nihondaira dream terrace prospects corridor) regulation information Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-17T08:57:00+09:00 [cancellation] 2020 Shizuoka construction Festival Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-15T11:02:00+09:00 News of the sunrise wharf "fishing opening" Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-15T00:00:00+09:00 Of "theater in the town" "promotion" ON STAGE SHIZUOKA listing Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-11T00:00:00+09:00 [closed down for the time being] Street piano in SHIZUOKA Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-07T00:00:00+09:00 It recruits open call for participants committee members of Shizuoka-shi tea-growing district best committee in Japan! Shizuoka-shi 2020-05-01T16:25:00+09:00 2020 cherry tree flowering information (Gotenyama) Shizuoka-shi 2020-04-20T12:00:00+09:00 We wait and cancel the use of drama spot April, May. Shizuoka-shi 2020-04-16T14:52:00+09:00 About light-up of 2020 Sunpu Castle Park cherry blossoms Shizuoka-shi 2020-03-23T15:00:00+09:00 [cancellation] Birch and others Gotenyama cherry tree Festival Shizuoka-shi 2020-03-09T12:00:00+09:00 [the certification product decision!] Shizuoka Aoi premium AWARD2019 Shizuoka-shi 2020-02-12T16:23:00+09:00 [the latest issue] 2019 Shizuoka central part 5 cities and 2 towns event news "GO TO" autumn issue publication! Shizuoka-shi 2020-02-09T23:59:00+09:00 [to tourists to Japan] Guidance such as call center establishment for visit to Japan foreigner tourists pertaining to new coronavirus Shizuoka-shi 2020-02-06T15:25:00+09:00 [to sightseeing proprietor] About correspondence pertaining to new coronavirus-related pneumonia Shizuoka-shi 2020-01-28T13:18:00+09:00 City of Yui Minato Beach Shizuoka-shi 2020-01-22T10:00:00+09:00 shizumae extension courses holding Shizuoka-shi 2020-01-15T11:15:00+09:00 It is recruiting "Shizuoka-shi tea kkiri daughters"! Shizuoka-shi 2020-01-06T17:00:00+09:00 Tokaido history way two mountain pass six accommodation Shizuoka-shi 2019-12-26T00:00:00+09:00 About Suruga Bay ferry primary schoolchild for free boarding campaign Shizuoka-shi 2019-12-24T09:00:00+09:00 About service of shunfunami* bus (after April 1, 2019) Shizuoka-shi 2019-12-12T10:30:00+09:00 All the spring water and town light-up illuminations Shizuoka-shi 2019-12-06T13:30:00+09:00 We issued shizumae newspaper♪ Shizuoka-shi 2019-11-18T19:00:00+09:00 Visiting camp - shunfuhori ... of Aoi ship autumn Shizuoka-shi 2019-10-24T00:00:00+09:00 Let's support rugby in city hall the third floor of the new building "Chaki fish"! Shizuoka-shi 2019-10-17T20:00:00+09:00 Suruga Tokaido ompaku Shizuoka-shi 2019-10-01T00:00:00+09:00 Night view summit 2019in Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi 2019-09-13T00:01:00+09:00 Shizuoka-shi beach Shizuoka-shi 2019-09-02T09:00:00+09:00 We raise "Suruga Bay ferry support corpses"! Shizuoka-shi 2019-08-21T18:02:00+09:00