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March 31, 2017
 As we give advice and raised and between February 15, 2017 and March 17, 2017 on performing partial revision of Shizuoka-shi Board of Education assembly rules (2003 Shizuoka-shi Board of Education rule No. 12), we will tell about the result.

Reason of revision

 In Shizuoka-shi Board of Education, we make record of proceedings every conferencing. We announce record of proceedings which we made except part about item discussed behind closed doors at a conference of Board of Education on city homepage and put in Municipal Information Counter of each ward.
 Law (1956 law No. 162) about organization of local school administration and administration is revised and "the superintendent of education sets in Board of Education rule without delay after meeting of Board of Education we make the minutes and must partly act to announce this. Because regulations called (law Article 14 Paragraph 9) were established, it revised to fix for Board of Education rule about public announcement of minutes.

Contents of result and rule of opinion offer

There was not opinion submitted to.
Regulation that we established is as follows.

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