About administration about "throughout the life town of achievement Shizuoka promotion meeting in 2017" and business plan development support task open call for participants type proposal (offer result) Print this page

The last update date:
April 1, 2019
About administration about "the town of life achievement Shizuoka promotion meeting" and business plan development support task, we chose trustee by proposal (plan suggestion) method.

Proposal summary

1 duty name
 Administration about "the town of life achievement Shizuoka promotion meeting" and business plan development support task

2 duties summaries
 We support administration of promotion meeting to be composed of the person concerned and business plan development to promote the town of achievement Shizuoka plan throughout the life.

3 trust periods
 From day of conclusion of contract to March 20, 2018

Schedule (summary) of 4 proposals
 Tuesday, May 16, 2017 question reception desk time limit
 Monday, May 22, 2017 application application return day
 Thursday, May 25, 2017 plan proposal return day
 Thursday, June 1, 2017    Screening committee (hearing)
 Monday, June 5, 2017    Notice of examination result
 The middle of June, 2017      Conclusion of contract plan 

5-related material
 Distribution, exhibition of material concerned terminated the offer point, specifications.

Examination result

 ●Participation company     1 company

 ●Person planning contract     M are Airi search associates

Reference materials

(reference) Past main approach course
 Conduct of the town of 2015 Shizuoka model life achievement (CCRC) plan development investigation duties
 Application, authorization (the 40th) of area rebirth plan pertaining to the town of 2016 life achievement
         Conduct of preparations meeting

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