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The last update date:
April 1, 2020

Mayor Shizuoka

≪Full name≫
Nobuhiro Tanabe (tanabenobuhiro)

≪The date of birth≫
August 20, 1961

≪Educational background≫
Shizuoka High School graduation Shizuoka Prefectural in March, 1980
March, 1985 Waseda University politics department of economics graduation

≪Main career≫
From May, 1991 to March, 1995 former Shizuoka-shi congressional representatives one sitting
From April, 1995 to September, 2003 Shizuoka congressional representatives three sittings
We reach at - present in April, 2011    Mayor Shizuoka    (the third)

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The Mayor of General Affairs Bureau palace Secretary Division, Secretary Section

The location: Shizuoka government building the eighth floor of the new building

Telephone: 054-221-1006

Fax: 054-221-1007

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Profile of the mayor