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May 22, 2020

Town Shizuoka where mountain village and city do symbiosis, kyoiku

 Shizuoka-shi has very large area to pass to north and south 83.1km, but the area of the city area is only 20%, and 80% are areas of valley where rich nature remains.
 We devised "Shizuoka-shi okushizu community revitalization plan" to name "okushizu" as nickname to be able to have attachment in this area in Shizuoka-shi, and to plan promotion of intermediate and mountainous area.

 It is necessary to plan local maintenance, maintenance while all citizens understanding the significance of existence enough, and sharing consciousness with importance of intermediate and mountainous area based on the role to fulfil when we survey future Motoichi. Furthermore, we stand in viewpoint that we make possible sustained development as healthy city by supplementing function that intermediate and mountainous area and urban area lack each other, and it is demanded that we push forward measure.

The future image to aim at of okushizu

"Town Shizuoka where mountain village and city do symbiosis, kyoiku"
 We set image with "town Shizuoka where mountain village and city did symbiosis, kyoiku" in the future of okushizu in order to achieve purpose written down in "the Shizuoka-shi okushizu community revitalization regulations" by this plan. This set as okushizueria who should aim after "Shizuoka-shi intermediate and mountainous area general promotion plan" devised in 2010.
 ※We change name of "intermediate and mountainous area general promotion plan" (the H22 - H31 year) to "okushizu community revitalization plan" to the regulations enforcement of 2015 and
  We performed review to raise effect. About plan period, put together during period of "earlier period of the third Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan implementation plan" (H27 - 2018) that was higher plan and we shortened period of plan for one year and did with the H30 year.

 As a result of having accomplished measures registered by plan, we aim at the following figures by 2022.
  ◎Interchange with the intermediate and mountainous area inside and outside advances, and we become domiciliation by U-turn I turn, and two areas reside,
   Medium-and-long term stayers increase.
  ◎While intermediate and mountainous area and city approached realization with a variety of lifestyles depending on individual taste
   We are disseminated information as "lifestyle of Shizuoka model" to live by enjoying rich blessings of nature in the whole country.

Positioning of plan

 This plan assumes "the third Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan" higher plan.
 Based on importance of intermediate and mountainous area in Motoichi and the role to fulfil, we set basic matter about intermediate and mountainous area promotion of Motoichi based on "Shizuoka-shi okushizu town development regulations" Article 7 as area vision to achieve "town development target" of "the third Shizuoka-shi comprehensive plan" and "urban image to aim" at.


Period of plan

 We do with four years from 2019 to 2022. In addition, we perform evaluation, review of plan by the achievement situation of plan or social change.
 Put together for change of social conditions with start of execution plan (the 2019-2022 year) in last part of the third Shizuoka-shi master plan that was high rank plan and, in 2019, performed review of plan.
 (point of review)
 Creation of acceptance of immigrant and new business is activated while flow of population decline, low birthrate and aging is not stopped currently in okushizu.
 Aim index and the guidance performed review about cross-sectional project while succeeding to basic principles and emphasis target based on "the okushizu community revitalization regulations" taking the social conditions after review of such 2015 into consideration. In addition, we included concept of SDGs (sustainable development target) which Shizuoka-shi promoted positively.

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