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April 1, 2019

ko﨑bunyo (tozakifumiyo)-like <section> chorus conduct

Photograph of door Ayaha Saki


 As chorus master, leader, we perform chorus instruction in each places of the whole country, and the superior leadership is appreciated nationwide. In addition, it is said commencing with instruction in music green leaves society, Shizuoka child chorus and contributes to promotion of chorus culture of Shizuoka-shi deeply. Contribution to past activity and promotion of music culture in Shizuoka-shi was appreciated, and further development was expected in future.

   Photograph: Door Ayaha Saki

Federation of Shizuoka-shi Noh (niece not to give even if Shizuoka dies) <section> Noh

Photograph of federation of Shizuoka-shi Noh representative Michio Tamai


 It was group which was rare nationwide constructed by Kanze school, Hosho school of noh, plural schools such as Komparu school of noh and, since establishment, continued providing appreciation opportunity of Noh to citizen and instruction. In the present age when leading figure of Noh in area was decreasing, we followed tradition of Noh of Shizuoka-shi and were appreciated as group which we developed.

 Photograph: Representative Michio Tamai

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