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The last update date:
December 12, 2019

About conduct of 2019 typhoon No. 19 damage control

For all of you suffered from in 2019 by typhoon No. 19, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy.

Targeting at scholars of damaged agriculture caused by typhoon No.19 that approached on the night of October 12, 2019, we will carry out support such as repair, the rebuilding of machine for facility (house for agriculture, fruit tree shelf) and agriculture that are necessary for production, processing of farm products like typhoon No.24 of last year.
Not only house to own this time but also house or machine which are loan become targeted for the furtherance. The original form restoration is principle.
For more details, please give me "general support grant (scholar of damaged agriculture support type) made with strong agriculture, leading figure" nitsuiteogo *.

As we can become a target if we already repair after the damage and rebuild, please consult.
When you seem to become a target as you gather business request in Shizuoka-shi, please contact the following reference by Tuesday, December 17.

※Acceptance of business request was finished. (as of December 19, 2019)

Shizuoka-shi agro-politics section              TEL: 054-354-2091
Middle Shizuoka agriculture and forestry office plan management section      TEL: 054-286-9276

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