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The last update date:
December 12, 2016
 Open data are that profit releases public data to anyone in reusable format regardless of non-profit freely.  

 Administrative efficiency, promotion of national participation, public and private sectors collaboration, improvement of administrative transparency, reliability are expected to advance by the Trinity activation of economy, and the approach is pushed forward even in country by inflection promotion of open data.

 By opening data to the public, in Shizuoka-shi, plan solution of area problem except information that cannot release personal information and work on promotion of opening data contributing to improvement of civic life, activated and socioeconomic development of company activity.

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You can use open data of Shizuoka-shi from "Shizuoka-shi opening data portal site" (you link to the outside site).

Approach of Shizuoka-shi

 As approach of open data of Shizuoka-shi, we devised "Shizuoka-shi opening data basic policy" as the whole policy.

 In addition, we devised "guideline about promotion of Shizuoka model opening data system" to let open data were better, and they inflect for local problem solution.
 By the mayor regular news conference of April 15, 2015, we gave a presentation on approach of open data of Motoichi.
Mayor Tanabe interview is likely

※About Motoichi opening data related information after 2016, please confirm "Shizuoka-shi opening data portal site" (you link to the outside site).

Shizuoka opening data project (2015)

Shizuoka opening data portal site

We established exclusive site that opening data which Shizuoka-shi provided were available to.

Banner of portal site(connected to portal site (external link) when we click image) 

We held aideason and hackathon

By collaboration of "Shizuoka-shi road GIS "shizumichi info" X Toyota IT development center possession car data X Shizuoka model opening data" held aideason which featured the theme of "describe car and the future of way" and hackathon.
 The aideason date: Saturday, September 5, 2015
  Design of the day ⇒ (external link)

   The hackathon date: From Saturday, October 10, 2015 to 11th Sunday
    Design of the day ⇒ (external link)


We held Shizuoka application contest

We held contest utilizing opening data which Shizuoka-shi provided.
The conduct date and time: From October 23, 2015 to February 26, 2016
Prize winners look at special site.

Shizuoka application contest
It has been already closed down about special page.

(one) We won "the highest award" of VLED state of things commendation

 Approach of road traffic regulation information site "shizumichi info" of Motoichi won "the highest award" of "the state of things commendation" to choose superior approach about opening data which opening & big data utilization, local Creation promotion mechanism (VLED) carried out without permission, and to commend without permission. (external link)

 Receiving a prize reason "carry out proof business using data and running condition data of car which Toyota IT development center provides of road traffic regulation information system to call "shizumichi info". Shizuoka-shi road Maintenance Section and Toyota IT development center held together and promoted open data utilization in the field of public transport." We do in this.

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