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March 9, 2016
 Profit is form that is easy to conjugate and offers data which city holds positively, and, about "opening data" which as anyone has you utilize profit for idea free to do, various effects can expect, the approach begins in the local governments of the whole country, but, as for the approach of Shizuoka-shi, even the whole country attracts attention as top-level. We introduce as after holding "Shizuoka application contest" to raise application and ideas using opening data which Shizuoka-shi provides, work of 116 is put from the whole country, and the highest award (an application king) was decided as a result of examination.

A - application king is you as a result of Shizuoka application contest! -

An application king was decided!  The application section highest award,
   "shizuiku map"
    [we display facilities about child care on the map]
  The idea section highest award,
   "Allergic share"
    [in the food allergy-response situation information sharing]
  The student section highest award,
   "Shizuoka-shi earthquake disaster defense corps"
    [indication can make evacuation course at the time of disaster into]
   But, we won each.

It has been already closed down about special page.

About promotion of open data

  It is OPEN! - Shizuoka opening data project ... togetherIt is form called "application", but effect, "creation of new business" "improvement of citizen's convenience" "promotion of town development by collaboration with citizen and administration" "promotes efficiency of administration" as for inflecting can expect profit of open data, and it is announced that GDP (gross domestic product) upthrust effect of 158.6 billion-701 billion yen is estimated as for the economic effect this time. [the Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance at ※ October, 2015 Ministry of Finance] Shizuoka-shi will nominate city in future, and promote open data.

  ※Site exclusive as for the open data of Shizuoka-shi
   "Shizuoka opening data portal" [click image]
   We provide in this. (* can consist of this.)
  ※About approach of Shizuoka-shi from this.

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