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The last update date:
April 1, 2019
 About fire, help, other disasters occurring in jurisdiction of Shizuoka-shi Fire Bureau, we can confirm type or place of disaster over telephone (automatic sound guidance). (but limited during disaster occurrence.)
 Shizuoka area firefighting first aid wide area accepts disaster report which occurred in Shizuoka-shi, Shimada-shi, Makinohara-shi, Yoshida-cho, Kawanehon-cho in Shizuoka-shi Fire Bureau by becoming.

Inquiries (firefighting telephone guide) such as fire information

Phone number 0 1 8 0-9 9-5 6 7 8  


※ Please be careful enough to hang wrong.

※ The use costs call charge.

In addition, in that case, please confirm in carrier contracting with as you may not use in some calls (IP telephone, Hikari telephone, PHS).

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