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October 2, 2018
 Discussion meeting with member of city assembly and high school student who narrowed distance with citizen and member of the Diet, and aimed at having assembly be interested, and began from 2017. We performed the first time of 2018 that became the second year with student of Shizuoka City high school on Friday, August 10.  In last year, held school in venue, but take advantage of period this year in summer vacation, in Shizuoka-shi government office main building that included assembly hall visit became held.
Visit to floor
Visit to floor 2
 15 students who is raw for 1-3 years are participation chairperson, vice-president, member of the Diet six from city high side from the assembly side. Student and member of the Diet were divided into three groups and discussed, and widely many opinions were provided from hardware aspect such as maintenance of soccer stadium and cycle track from high school student to Shimizu to software aspects such as population outflow measures and lacked time.
Exchange of opinions
Exchange of opinions 2

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