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The last update date:
October 4, 2018
 In July, 2018, E planet which is Motoichi trust supplier sent questionnaire (about "investigation about possession into use of PCB stabilizer") to building age owning building before March, 1977, but contractor (E planet) of investigation duties visits door to door directly and may not request investigation expenses.
 Please never accept such a door-to-door visit. In addition, please contact nearest police station, police box or Shizuoka-shi government office Waste and Recycling Affairs section when there is such a door-to-door visit.

(Aoi-ku) Shizuoka center police station 054-250-0110
(Suruga-ku) Shizuoka south police station 054-288-0110
(Shimizu-ku) Shimizu police station     054-366-0110
Shizuoka-shi government office Waste and Recycling Affairs section 054-221-1364

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