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April 1, 2019
"Event wants to be held using public space such as park or road! But procedure seems to be complicated and does not know what we may begin with…"

"You do not send to event, not being set using public space such as open space or park and want to continue, but can you do such a thing?…"

We made "area management guidelines" that we would utilize to such people by all means.

"Profit inflects of the first public space" area management guidelines Step1; hen

Area management guidelines Step1 cover image

●Do you not realize "" which you want to do of everybody in public space?

 As for the crab which is the town of Shizuoka-shi, there are park, station square and way, malls such as green leaves green tract of land or Sunpu Castle Park, a lot of attractive community space including Shimizu Port.
 We made "area management guidelines" to introduce "procedure" that was necessary by "window" which we could talk about and the use to to support approach of the making of bustle of town utilizing the attractive public space.

This Step1 explains "window" by list of and flow of "procedure" in  "product for people" wanting to see for the first time using public space clearly as possible.


"Profit wants to utilize public space more" area management guidelines Step2; edition

Area management guidelines Step2 cover image

●We support approach utilizing public space of everybody!

 The area management is independent approach by inhabitants, business owner, the ground incarnation for maintenance to improve good environment in area and local value.
 It promotes practical town development activity at private enterprise, citizen level not only administration carrying town development to be smooth, and to perform local problem solution and improvement of value that area has, and it is required to increase the leading figures.

 This Step2 introduces assistance measures for the area management for "people whom profit wants to apply" public space in.

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